9 effective ways to improve intranet engagement

A good intranet keeps employees engaged, first and foremost, with the intranet itself.

Be warned when your employees start to interact less with the company intranet because it’s an early sign that they are going to stop using it.

So, how to improve intranet engagement? Here are nine effective ideas to make your intranet more engaging, and entertaining.

1. Conduct an intranet audit. How? Take a look at your intranet engagement stats. Are there types of content that are doing better or worse than average? Can you tell what pages (or content) can be improved? First look at the content itself, then see if it is well structured so you get people’s attention.

By regularly reviewing the intranet you can quickly identify if your intranet is performing well and prioritize what to do for improvement. Consider conducting an employee survey to get feedback and ideas on how to make the intranet more useful, engaging and user-friendly.

2. Deliver relevant and personalized content. Personalized content drives more engagement and irrelevant information devalues the intranet as a primary source of information. With Involv, intranet content creators can create targeted news to a specific user group based on their location, team or department. This target audience feature helps to deliver the right information to the right people.

3. Add social features. If you want employees to interact more with the company intranet, then enable them to do so by adding social features such as liking, commenting and tagging.

4. Update the content regularly. Outdated and irrelevant content devalues the intranet as the primary source of information. So, make sure that you have a proper communication plan to consistently post fresh updates to the intranet.


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5. Use visual content. A cluttered and text-heavy intranet kills user engagement. Try to use different types of content like images, videos, infographics and podcasts to make the content more interactive and easier to consume.

6. Make the intranet fun by posting entertaining content. Company event photos, employee contests, upcoming birthdays, humorous videos, etc. are fun types of content that always get more engagement and help you build a stronger community.

7. Launch a mobile app. Mobile employees who don’t have regular access to a PC or laptop should be able to check the intranet on their smartphone. Besides, as we get more and more attached to our mobile devices, a mobile intranet app is a great way to encourage people to engage with the intranet wherever they are.

8. Market your intranet. Think of ways to drive employees to the intranet. If you’re sending out an email newsletter, insert a link to the intranet. Onboard new employees with a tour of the intranet and make sure it’s their place to go for all the relevant information they need to perform their jobs effectively. We also like to see the intranet as the starting point of the day, with links and integrations of all the apps and tools people use to get the work done.

9. Provide tailored intranet training to user groups. This is especially necessary for less-tech savvy employees. It will give them a boost of confidence to use and interact more with the intranet.

Conclusion: Many company intranets die a quiet death because users stop interacting with it. The nine tips above will help to improve employee engagement on your intranet. Remember: bad user experience kills your user engagement, which ultimately kills your intranet and harms your business.

Involv makes it easy for you to create an engaging communication platform.

  • It’s super easy and fast to create news or publish content with Involv Intranet.
  • Deliver targeted information to a specific employee group based on their location or department.
  • People can search and immediately find any info or files.
  • Add any type of content: videos, images, maps,… to make your intranet content more interactive.
  • Have your own branded intranet mobile app to reach your mobile employees.
  • Connect all the apps your employees use throughout their workdays.

Want to see Involv in action? Check out the quick introduction video of Involv (It’s only 4 minutes long)


Tim Bogemans

Tim is Collaboration Expert at Involv/Cognit. He builds leading solutions to help people collaborate easier, faster and happier. Connect on LinkedIn.

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