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Experts in collaboration.

Cognit is an information technology and business-systems integrator. Our team is specialised in inventing, developing and implementing solutions that allow people to collaborate more efficiently. As user adoption is always one of the main areas of concern, we integrate new functionalities and tools that people already use. Hence our focus on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.


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echnology is the backbone of modern companies. It defines the way we work and the way we collaborate with others. As technology is always evolving, there are always new opportunities for businesses. The downside is that technology can get ahead of you, if you’re not moving fast enough or if you’re not taking future business developments in account.

Over the past 10 years, Cognit has been involved in collaboration projects in mid-sized and big companies. Whether through the creation of collaboration-driving intranets or product development, we’ve helped businesses meet their business goals.

Although every organisation is unique, we noticed that the basics for a successful intranet and extranet are always the same. That is why we created Involv, which helps organisations deploy their digital workplace smarter, faster and stronger.

Involv is built on the SharePoint and Office 365 ecosystem. It integrates with all Office 365 solutions your employees already use today and will use in the future, like Office 365 Groups, OneDrive, PowerBI, Video, Yammer and Delve. Your users do not need to switch applications, as they’ll have one centralised digital work environment.

“What you do today, can improve all your tomorrows.”

Walter Van Hecke

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