Getting people Involved.

What we believe

We believe that people’s motivation at work is much more than just money and rewards. Studies confirm that respect, communication, a positive company culture and connection are equally important. It’s no coincidence that successful organizations all over the world thrive in those areas.

We strongly believe that technology can help any organization excel and reach a higher level of employee engagement and satisfaction. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve people’s workdays and be a force for positive change and innovation. We have a passion for collaboration and technology and we want to make it available for everyone.


14+ years of expertise


Happy customers worldwide


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Intranet Awards

For three years in a row Involv has been awarded a prestigious ClearBox award.
“Involv offers a strong product at a very good price point. Feedback from customers is consistently positive and we feel they cover the essential elements of an intranet very well.”
– ClearBox Consulting –

involv best-value award

Passionate about collaboration

Over the past 14 years, we have been involved in collaboration projects in mid-sized and big companies. We specialize in inventing, developing and implementing solutions that allow people to collaborate more efficiently. Our expertise and focus on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 enabled us to develop Involv; the best value-for-money intranet.

Involv is a user-centered digital workplace that helps organizations build a strong organizational culture and boosts employee engagement and involvement. It’s not like any other intranet. Involv is built on the Office 365 and SharePoint framework, meaning the learning curve is low and it seamlessly connects with the other business applications your employees are already using today.

Remove the guesswork from your intranet project: what you see is what you get. Involv is installed ready-to-go and our full-service success packages make sure you get all the support you need to build a thriving intranet fast and stress-free.

That’s our way of showing we care for you and it’s our commitment to make a better workday for all. But there’s more. We want to be a force for positive change and that’s why we launch a new initiative in 2020. Each year, we’ll be offering 20,000 free licenses to nonprofits. Read on about our donation program or schedule a demo to learn more about Involv.


Image: Walter Van Hecke and Tim Bogemans
Founders of Involv Intranet