Donation program

Free Involv licenses for nonprofits.

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licences donated this year

We want to help nonprofits do more good by offering our licenses for free. It’s our mission to enable nonprofits to digitally transform and help accelerate their mission, thus driving greater impact. We believe Involv can help in many ways:

  • Enhance your communication between internal and external colleagues or volunteers
  • Share ideas around the world in different languages
  • Centralize all your documents and find information fast
  • Show everyone how greatly their individual contribution matters
  • Save costs by collaborating more efficiently and reducing printing cost and paper waste

What is the Involv donation program?

It is our special offer for nonprofits around the world. This global offering provides eligible organizations with free licenses for their intranet.
Our donation program is limited to 10.000 licenses and applications will be on first-come first-served basis.

What does the offer include?

Our donation offer includes free licenses for all your paid employees and volunteers. NGOs only pay for our professional services if they need assistance from our developers. For example to set up advanced site structure, configure user rights or provide some custom development.

Which nonprofits are eligible for Involv Nonprofit Program?

Nonprofits must meet three criteria to be eligible:

  • Must be recognized as charitable organizations in their respective countries
  • Must operate on Microsoft Office 365
  • Must have more than 200 coworkers

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