The world’s best ready-to-go intranet

Boosting communication
and unifying workforces.

  • Connect and engage all employees
  • Boost your company culture
  • Help everybody be more productive

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The world’s best ready-to-go intranet

and unifying

  • Connect and engage all employees
  • Boost your company culture
  • Help everybody be more productive

Trusted by top organizations all over the world.

Involv is once again top-ranked in the
2022 buyers’ guide to intranet products – worldwide! 🏆

Involv is once again top-ranked in the
2022 buyers’ guide to intranet products – worldwide! 🏆

microsoft-365-intranetYou are using Microsoft 365 and are looking for an award-winning intranet?
Then you should check out Involv. This is why:


You are using Microsoft 365 and are looking for an award-winning intranet?
Then you should check out Involv. This is why:

Boost communication

It is not distance that keeps people apart, but lack of communication.  Involv makes it easy to reach your employees – wherever they are. Stop relying on inefficiënt one-way communication channels, start with an omnichannel, two-way and targeted communication. Involv is the perfect starting point for a productive workday.

involv omnichannel
involv intranet collaboration

Unify your workforce; collaborate better

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  Whether you work on it or not, company culture happens. Involv helps you unify your employees and make them passionate about your company’s vision.

No matter where they are and what language they speak, your teams can connect, share knowledge and collaborate efficiently.

Centralize Knowledge & Documents

Information silos hurt your business. People lose time and get frustrated when they find different versions of the same file. And when people leave your organization, a lot of knowledge leaves with them. Involv makes SharePoint – the best document management tool in the world – even better. Centralize and secure all your documents and knowledge.

Involv knowledge and documents

Your own company branded Mobile App

You can now connect, engage and communicate with everybody, wherever they are, thanks to the mobile app. Content creators can even create news and upload pictures on the go.

The mobile app for Android and iOS is fully brandable; it uses the colors you define in your intranet and you can even set your company logo as the app icon.

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Do you have a lot of mobile workers? Download the Involv mobile app brochure and discover its features and advantages.


How much does Involv cost? Check out the Involv pricing and get the detailed pricelist (available in EUR, USD, GBP).


Connect the disconnected. Discover Involv Cast, your digital signage solution on Microsoft 365.


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Launching a successful intranet takes preparation. Use the 1 page intranet action plan as your guide. Check it out!


Follow the 8 proven steps of our 1 page intranet focus plan to challenge, describe and find your ideal intranet solution.

Why do people love Involv?

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    End-to-end solution

    At Involv, we work on intranet projects each day. Our Intranet experts will guide you before, during and after the implementation of your intranet, for guaranteed success.

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    Evergreen solution

    Involv is built on the Microsoft 365 framework. This means you will always benefit from Microsoft’s latest innovations. We help you keep your content evergreen too, by providing you with extensive yet easy-to-use publishing features.

  • 3

    Best adoption rates

    Involv not only looks great, it also feels great, with amazing, intuitive designs. These are customisable so they look exactly as you want them to.

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    Winner best choice 2022 award

    ClearBox, an independent intranet consultancy agency from the UK, assessed 33 of the best intranet and employee experience platforms against their rigorous framework. Involv got excellent reviews and was selected the Best Choice 2022.

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    ready-to-use, endless flexibility

    Involv is an accelerator; it comes ready-to-use so you can get your intranet up-and-running fast. But that does not mean you’re limited; further enhancements and customizations to meet your company needs are always possible.

Involv helps solve challenges across all departments.

Reach and engage everybody

Many organisations struggle to reach and engage their entire workforce.

Involv helps you getting your message across easily. Everybody can do it.
The amazing look & feel, sample content and best-practices ensure a high user adoption so you can focus on adding your value in creating a raving culture with highly engaged and productive people.

Getting the right information to the right person at the right time should be easy and fast. Well with Involv it is!

Fast and Stress-Free Intranet

With Involv Intranet you can be up-and-running in a matter of days, it’s very easy to maintain and new features are added every quarter.

Since Involv Intranet is an open platform you can customize at will and keep your existing customizations.

Built on the Microsoft 365 ecosystem it integrates perfectly with all the Microsoft 365 technologies like Azure AD, Teams, etc…

Every upgrade Microsoft makes results in a direct upgrade in Involv.

Our team supports you with best-practices, checklists and advice so you can deliver a secure, integrated and highly adoptable intranet – stress-free.

Higher engagement and retention thanks to a better culture

Most organizations keep hiring people to replace those that should never have left in the first place. Involv helps you share your message and build a positive company culture – fast and easy.

Better communication results in more focus, more engagement and a better culture. A culture to be proud of and shared by everybody.

Higher operational efficiency

Most organizations are having a hard time keeping people aligned and fully engaged. Meetings are too long and unproductive, decisions postponed, people are leaving the company and bottom-line: time and money are lost.

Involv intranet is a ready-to-use communication platform that is built to get your message across fast and easy.

Better communication and collaboration results in more focus, higher productivity, better decisions and less resignations.
And bottom line: higher profits.

100+ Happy Customers Worldwide

  • The thing I like the most about Involv – Office 365 intranet is the speed of implementation. We got our intranet up and running in just a few weeks. If you do something similar from scratch, you end up with much longer lead times.

    Hans Steenbreker IT Director - Vasco Group
  • The great thing about the Involv intranet is the ease of use. It is a layer on top of SharePoint where we have not only a good Document Management System but also a good communication platform.

    Stefaan van Bossuyt IT Support Officer - Plan International Belgium
  • Our old intranet became outdated and was no longer supported by Microsoft. So we chose to make a new intranet platform with Involv because it is built on top of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It’s ready-to-go, but has the possibility to add extra apps and do customizations. A very client oriented and flexible solution.

    Leo Brons System administrator - Omroep Brabant

Your plan for boosting communication and unifying your workforce


    Get a demo and gain valuable insights in how the Involv intranet builds adoption


    One of our intranet specialists co-creates a rollout plan tailor made for your organization


    Congratulations! Boost communications and unify your workforce with your Involv intranet


    We're only succesful when you are. That's why we guide and support you - even after the implementation.

Everyone deserves to be connected,
to be involved in their work.
Get everybody involved, today!

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The existing intranet is no longer up-to-date and a mess

Nobody cares about the existing intranet because it makes their day harder, not easier.

The internal company emails get buried under the more urgent ones and often forgotten

Publishing content on the intranet is too complicated and just damn frustrating

People don’t know where to look for information because information is scattered all over

The existing intranet is not integrated with the Microsoft applications people use all the time

Involv Intranet makes communicating easy,
boosts culture and helps everybody be more productive.