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Involv release 3.0 (1/2021)

Involv 3.0 is a totally new offering with two flavours: Involv Core and Involv Enterprise.

Involv Core contains all the best-in-class key features to create an amazing intranet.
Involv Enterprise has on top of all the Core features a ton of Premium features.

You can see a detailed functional comparison of Involv Core and Involv Enterprise here.

Involv core

New functionalities

  • Ability to change the appearance of the “show more” buttons
  • Add newsletter/digest to content admin
  • A new who is who template
  • Even more page templates for news and events
  • Analytics module


  • Renewed content after installation
  • Search components: every template can show the plus button
  • Orgchart: Open user profile in new tab


  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Personalization category didn’t show in some cases
  • We added the plus Button to the News Modern template
  • Who is who Involv People cards template minor issues
  • Recent Hires
    • Fix profile pic when source is user profile
    • Template “Recent Hires Involv Profile” component didn’t show in specific case
  • Involv spacing: interference with default colored sections
  • Search templates: We optimized the word break launched in update 2.7 
  • Search component: template “Documents (simple)” opens library instead of document (since update 2.7)
  • Event Timeline template doesn’t have + icon

Involv enterprise

👈 Everything from Core +

New functionalities

  • Involv Profile
    • Added a Birthday field
    • Added a team org chart section
  • Enhanced Analytics Module
  • Ideation
  • Advanced Target Audience: ability to set target audience on components

Optimizations and Bugfixes

  • Multilingual
    • Multilingual flag had a design flaw in some cases
    • Set a new page as “promoted news” when using the “Create a new page based on another” function
    • The language switch in a page did not refresh when opening a new page
    • Multilingual flag was in some cases visible for read only users
  • Involv profile
    • Adding “manager” field as persona to section “personal info” made web part invisible
    • Caching issue when changing profile picture
    • Minor issue with multistring
    • Multi Value types (projects, skills, …) showed empty circles when no data was available
  • My Tasks caching issue
Involv release 2.7

New features (available as add-ons)

  • Involv Analytics shows you important KPI’s such as page visits, top authors, top contributors, top creators and top performing content.
  • Involv Ideation enables you to collect, discuss, and manage ideas across the organization directly from your Involv intranet.


  • All document templates do now open the document in the browser when you click it
  • Global search bar can now search for people
  • Incidents now include the possibility to order items and can render HTML or links
  • The old My Apps component will be deprecated – all functionalities and more have been made available in the new ‘modern’ my apps component
  • A lot of small optimizations


  • Two new “upcoming birthdays” templates
  • A new “Events” timeline template
  • A new “who is who” template
  • A new “profile page” template
  • A new “FAQ” template
  • A new “news” templates
  • Revamp of the toggle button menu
  • Revamp of the content admin panel with links to how-to video’s and our new customer portal
  • You can now add or change icons in the My Apps component
Involv release 2.6

New features

  • Use Page actions as shortcuts to manage your pages. There are 3 available page actions.
    • Delete this page when you no longer need the page
    • Copy this page to another site when you want to replicate a page (because of its nice design or content for example) to another site, rather than manually starting over.
    • Make this page a news when you want a regular page appears as a news page
  • Create a dynamic org chart in your intranet with the Involv Org Chart add-on
  • Build your custom component templates by adding your own code


  • Improved loading time components
  • Improved navigation experience including mega menu
  • Improved Multilingual
  • A lot of small optimizations


  • News can now be marked as “Important” for faster searching and filtering
  • Content creation form supports to hide fields that you have no need to use
  • A new Who is who template with round profile images
  • Sorting on My Apps are now alphabetical
  • A new carousel template for News items
  • A new template for News items (Asymmetrical layout)
Involv release 2.5

New features

  • Add target audience functionality to your news, events, faq, …
  • Switch your homepage easily to a different layout with our homepage design functionality
  • Create your own page template and use them to create news, events, faq, …
  • Have a better overview of all user profiles with a new people profile + edit my profile
  • Add a ticketing module to your intranet with the “Ticketing” add-on
  • Keep informed on changes to your documents with My Recent Insights
  • Schedule the date and time to publish news, events, Incidents
  • Get an instant overview of your scheduled content with the Publishing calendar


  • Improved loading time of the news, events, Faq, Jobs components
  • See sharper images in the news component
  • A lot of small optimizations


  • The propertypane of the involv components will now use tabs to give a better overview
  • Redesigned content admin panel
  • Ability to open items in a new tab
  • My apps can now show icons as suggested
  • Who is who design templates with direct mail/call/chat functionality
Involv release 2.4

This update contains general bugfixing and extra features.

New features

  • Navigation: availability of a megamenu
  • Calendar webpart to show events or listitems on a calendar view
  • Event registration webpart to register/unregister for events
  • My Emails webpart to show your mails from Outlook
  • Availabilty of the site/department template creator: Now it’s possible to create your own (department) site based on a template or creating your own organizational template with a no code solution.

Optimizations and fixes

  • Admin configuration:
    • Divided the administration panel in 3 tabs: General, Theming, Page Designs
    • New functionality “Page Designs”: You now have the possibility to switch between 3 different home pages. They can have different components and different setup
  • Event webpart: added the possibility to register to an event
  • Multilingual Add-on:
    • Bugfixes
    • Spanish and German are now available as an out of the box language next to English, French, Dutch and Polish
    • Added multilingual page administration
Involv release 2.3

This update contains general bugfixing and extra features.

New features

  • My Calendar webpart to show your upcoming meetings directly out of your outlook calendar
  • My Plans webpart to show the MS Planner plans where you are a member of
  • My Tasks webpart showing all your tasks from the MS Planner plans where you are a member of
  • Integrations: Due to our partnership with Infoland, a supplier of Quality management software, we announce the availability of the integration package with Infoland DMS*
  • Availability of templates: *
    • Customer portal where Involv can serve as a communication portal with your customer
    • Knowledge base where Involv uses the power of SharePoint DMS and metadata to store your different types of documents

Optimizations and bug fixes

  • Search: added the possibility to disable live search
  • Event webpart: Changed the standard query
  • Who is who: added the option to only show results after searching. Standard: showing all people
  • Birthday webpart
    • Set the birthday sorting to ascending
    • Added the name underneath the picture instead of only when hovering over the image
  • Multilingual Add-on: Polish and Spanish are now available as out of the box languages next to English, French and Dutch
  • General
    • Fixed the issue that the general navigation in the header was in some cases not visible when you were in the sharepoint back end pages. This issue occured after a Microsoft update.
    • Fixed a specific issue in FireFox where wide logo’s were not entirely visible
    • We removed the pencil icon for viewing properties of articles when in edit mode. You can now click on the new standard “page details” button of a page to view, edit or remove properties.
    • Added the possibility to change the order of refiners
    • We made changes to the standard template of a department site. This is only visible with new department sites.
    • Fixed the issue where in some case changing the profile time zone would show wrong dates in your search results. For example News articles would show the previous day as the entered Article Date in the news overview
    • Removed showing GUID (Example 3f74a1-b30b-484e-b36a-90e3f7bdb6cb) in newly created articles where the intro text is not long enough.
    • Fixed the issue with personalization where hiding a category containing spaces in the title would fail

These three webparts are part of our mission to use involv as your ‘start of the workday’ platform giving you all the tools to be productive. They will be used in the “my” page but can also act a social intranet homepage as you can add the separately to every page.

Involv release 2.2

This update contains small optimizations, general bugfixing and the availability of a full multilingual experience as an add-on.

New features:

  • Full multilingual experience
  • Powerapp/flow “Expenses”
  • Powerapp/flow “Time off requests”
  • Lunch order app

Optimizations and bug fixing:

  • News component: Changed standard sorting from created date to article date
  • Apps: Styling – bugfix IE
  • General search webpart: Speed optimization
  • New hires: Bugfix userimage
  • Search:
    • Added grouped information in live search
    • Added possibility to find “my teams” in live search
  • Events: Bugfix default sorting upcoming events
  • Who is who: bugfix styling
  • Incidents: added “hiding” option for admin
  • New webparts:
    • Basic modern script editor
    • Tiles webpart

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