Business Case: Kom op tegen Kanker

Kom op tegen Kanker dreams of a world without cancer. Until that day, they fight and alleviate the disease. In addition, they use their expertise for a better policy on cancer. To be able to do all this, they mobilise as many people as possible.

The challenge

Early in 2021, the communication team of Kom op tegen Kanker started looking for a new intranet solution. They were struggling with several challenges which they had already thoroughly mapped out. The project had been on the to-do list for years, but since Corona and the rise of remote work, the importance of internal communication had increased.

Caroline Verschaeren

Caroline Verschaeren, redacteur bij Kom op tegen Kanker

Caroline Verschaeren, editor at Kom op tegen Kanker;

“On the one hand, the 95 employees lost too much time looking for information. There was no fixed place for information. Everything was cast in news items, which meant that colleagues had to search through old news permanently. Information (e.g. on HR themes) had to be easier to find.

In addition, the old intranet was not a fully-fledged communication channel. It was difficult to manage, was not user-friendly and did not look attractive either. It also offered little interactivity for the users and there was no possibility of segmenting communications. Another downside was that the old intranet was not accessible by mobile phone.

Lastly, we also wanted to create connection and involvement between colleagues and with the organisation. A needs analysis showed that people did not really know what their colleagues were doing. They couldn’t find their way to each other and didn’t feel properly connected. The new intranet therefore also had to become a social platform.

So we saw three functions in the new intranet: inform (communication instrument), support (work instrument) and connect (social instrument). The intranet would become the central platform and most important internal communication channel, the starting point of the working day and the gateway to everything employees need.”

The team came across Involv after some online searching.

“The solution appealed because it offered a solution for the 3 functions we were looking for. In addition, we were already using Microsoft 365, so we could work within the same ecosystem and would be able to count on excellent integration with our current tools.

The Involv demo also appealed to me immediately. Not only did the system meet our needs, it also looked beautiful and user-friendly. Even the out of the box package without any modifications would be a great solution for Kom Op Tegen Kanker.”

The result

After the demo, a personalised environment was set up for Kom op tegen Kanker. This way, the management could also be involved and could experience the added value of Involv for the organisation.

Involv Core was chosen, which could be purchased at a nonprofit discount thanks to the Involv donation programme. In terms of functionality, Involv Core offered everything to inform, support and connect people. In this way, it met the needs of the organisation and their employees. However, the choice was made to apply extra styling so that the intranet was perfectly attuned to the other communication channels of Kom op tegen Kanker.

The combination of those things and a fantastic intranet launch by the communication team of Kom op tegen Kanker ensured that the intranet was well received by the employees and is now the starting point for a productive, connected working day.

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