How Kom op tegen Kanker made their intranet launch memorable

A lot of planning goes into planning and designing a winning intranet. It’s easy to get excited when you’re involved in the process – and that’s a good thing. But what’s more important is to get all the other users excited too. Learn how Kom op tegen Kanker made their intranet launch memorable and how you can do the same.

A well executed intranet launch is super important. It builds excitement among users, keeps them informed about the planning and makes them understand the value of the new platform. Bottom line: it creates engagement early on, which is crucial for the success of any intranet.

The communication team at Kom op tegen Kanker was well aware of this. They sent out an employee survey before the start of their intranet project, to gather feedback from their users. This helped them define their intranet objectives and requirements.

As for the launch of the new intranet, the team wouldn’t let it go unnoticed. They knew they needed to lure as many eyeballs to the intranet as possible. Also, they find it important to celebrate successes. The fact that the launch of their intranet coincided with a return to office post covid was another reason why they wanted to make their Involv intranet launch a festive occasion, something memorable.

And so, Flor was born.

The birth of ‘Flor’

There’s an issue with technology and tools. People don’t really relate to them. That’s why naming your intranet is a great idea. It gives the intranet an identity and humanizes it which helps to distinguish it from other company systems. And that’s important for a platform that you want users to use on a daily basis. Kom op tegen Kanker named their Involv intranet ‘Flor’, and celebrated it as a birth to enhance that feeling of humanization.

The communication team at Kom op tegen Kanker did a great job. They created birth announcement cards and a poster. On these they announced the name of their newborn intranet, the launch date and 9 reasons how Flor will help them have better workdays.

The cards were accompanied by a traditional Belgian sweet that’s given on the occasion of a birth; sugar beans. And of course, to make the celebration complete, there had to be a big cake.


The team also created a useful video which guides people through the most important features of the intranet. Again they did a great job. The video does not focus on the technology, but explains how Flor makes people’s lives better and how it helps them get the most out of their workdays. The video for instance shows where to find information, how to keep up to date with the latest news, how to get in touch with colleagues and how to make the intranet their own.


The result of this intranet launch? The birth of the intranet did not go unnoticed and the communication team at Kom op tegen Kanker got a lot of positive feedback from their colleagues. The team will do another employee survey in a few months, to evaluate the use of their new intranet. We’re already looking forward to hearing those results!