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Involv, the social intranet that boosts employee engagement
and productivity

Enable two-way communication. Foster connections
and collaboration among employees. Build a strong
company culture.

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Drive employee engagement

Enable employees to engage with your communications with social interaction features like commenting, tagging, liking, etc. As Involv is built on Microsoft 365, it integrates seamlessly with Yammer, Teams and all other Microsoft 365 apps.

Bring all employees together,
no matter where they work

Using Involv, people have plenty of ways to find and connect with co-workers. A people directory, org chart, rich employee profiles and upcoming birthdays some of the essential features in a social intranet.

Encourage new ideas
within your organization

Give your emplyees a voice. Collect valuable ideas and possible solutions with our ideation feature. Everyone can easily submit ideas and respond to submitted ideas by social features or comments.

Deliver personalized communications

Involv’s targeting feature lets you send the right message to the right people. End-users can set their news preferences, so their intranet news feed is personalized based on their interests.

Involv offered many interesting features that we could use immediately, such as the quick links, the FAQ and the ticketing. It can be said that today we will be able to use the platform even more to streamline the communication.

STEFAAN VAN BOSSUYT | IT support officer | Plan International Belgium

Maximize employee engagement with the best social intranet.

All best practice social intranet features

Great look and feel with the possibility to customize color and theme

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Easy to use, easy to manage

Best value for money  – Involv pricing starts from €0.40 per user per month

Made for easy adoption and usage

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