Valo Alternative

Comparing Valo with Involv

Valo intranet is a product of Blue Meteorite, a Nordic company.
Like Involv, Valo is a ready-to-go intranet built on top of SharePoint Online.

Where Involv Enterprise has all the Enterprise features included in the price,
Valo offers an add-on for each corporate feature.

While Valo intranet also integrates with Microsoft 365, the approach is different from Involv.
Valo Intranet is deployed by a Valo Partner while Involv is deployed by the Involv team as our core business.

This way we guarantee the best price/performance product
ánd we deliver a guaranteed higher quality result.

Comparison: Involv vs Valo

Office 365 Integration  
SharePoint Integration  
Teams Integration  
Onboarding menu
(provides step-by-step guidance to build the intranet)
News publishing  
Page templates  
Events management  
Incidents/emergency messages  
Internal jobs  
Quick links  
FAQ – How do I  
Department sites 
User profiles 
Upcoming birthdays 
New hires 
Extranet features Available as add-on
People directory (who is who) Available as add-on
Social (Teams/Yammer Integration) Available as add-on
MultilingualAvailable as add-on
AnalyticsAvailable as add-on
IdeationAvailable as add-on
Expense claims 
Time-off requests 
Sandwich shop 
Org chart 

Disclaimer: Please note that all the comparisons mentioned here have been compiled based on the product information available from the vendors website and our personal experience in November 2020. The vendor may do updates on the product over time. For any inquiries please feel free to contact us at

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