Involv vs Teams

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As there are some overlapping capabilities that are delivered by both Teams and a modern intranet, a question raised by many organizations is
“Do we still need an intranet?”, or in other words, “Can Teams deliver an intranet?”.

To help you answer this question, we have made this comparison between our Involv intranet and Microsoft Teams,
which you can base on to choose the best solution for your organization.

Comparison: Involv vs Teams

Involv Teams
Branding & Customization Yes No
Navigation Easy and smart Complicated and Slow
How to find a document Searchs and finds immediately Requires a lot of clicking thru tabs
Look and feel
Content governance Yes No
One stop platform Yes No
Intranet best-practices
Extranet features
Quick links
People directory
News page templates
Pre-made homepage templates
Org chart
Extended live search
FAQ – How do I
People directory
Upcoming birthdays
New hires
Internal jobs
User profiles
My Apps / personalized quick links
Expense claims
Time-off requests
Sandwich shop
Personalized news feed
Mobile App Default Microsoft Teams app
Chatbot Coming soon

Disclaimer: Please note that all the comparisons mentioned here have been compiled based on the product information available from the vendors website and our personal experience in March 2020. The vendor may do updates on the product over time. For any inquiries please feel free to contact us at

Conclusion 1:

Teams is a chat-based communication platform.

With Teams, you can chat, call, perform an online meeting or share a document with your colleague. Teams works perfectly in scenarios where you are working with a group of people on a given project.

Conclusion 2:

Teams doesn’t fulfill a one-stop platform.

Other than communication functions, Teams can’t fully perform as a one-stop shop where you can go to for top-down organization news, HR tools, DMS, forms and policies, etc. Involv intranet offers all the most requested features which are used and loved by everyone in the organization.

Conclusion 3:

Teams doesn’t represent your company brand.

Because the look customization is very limited in Teams, it doesn’t reflex your company brand and style. Involv intranet provides you with 3 visually appealing homepage templates which allows you to customize the colors, theme and logo to match your company brand.

Get the best from both worlds!

Get the best from both worlds!

Teams + Involv intranet: thé hub for teamwork

The award winning Involv intranet is natively integrated with Microsoft Teams.
Do everything you need to do, in a single place.