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How long does it take to implement Involv?

Involv deploys through PNP (Best practices patterns framework from Microsoft) onto your Office 365 tenant. The automated process takes less than 60 minutes (in some cases a prerequisite on the tenant needs to be adjusted). After the deployment your intranet is available and you can start uploading a logo, choosing the layout, creating content, etc.

Our Involv consultants will assist you in the deployment process. Take a look at our success packages for extra customizations or training.

What is the transition of current document libraries from SharePoint?

Involv installs on top of SharePoint Online in Office 365 or SharePoint on premise, in a new site collection, meaning that all the content in your document libraries is still there and can still be accessed or used. The only thing you would need to do then is move them to the new intranet.

What initial and ongoing training is provided?

We offer success packages of 16, 28, 40 or 80 hours. This means you will get a dedicated consultant who will help you setting up structures and rights and who can do some tasks like adding specific requirements, providing training, modifying the design etc. There is also documentation available and of course our helpdesk is available to answer any of your questions.

What ongoing support for issues and questions is provided?

Software assurance is optional. It gives you access to the support desk, all core product updates, extra functionalities and new releases.
This gives you continuity and flexibility without worrying about your intranet being up-to-date with all the latest fixes and features.

Is there a special pricing for Non-profit?

Yes there is. Please get in touch for a special quote.

Is there support for Communication Sites & Modern Pages?

Yes. Involv is built on the Office 365 and SharePoint modern experience.

What’s the timing for updates?

We provide quarterly updates which contain fixes and new features.

Is Involv available in my country and language?

Involv is available in any language. We include English, French and Dutch out-of-the box but other languages can be installed too easily.

Which license of Office 365 do I need?

Involv works on any Office 365 from Business Essentials and higher. You don’t need Azure.

Does Involv work on our on-premise SharePoint server?

Yes, Involv can be installed on your on-premise Sharepoint server too.

What’s your pricing model?

We offer Involv at a one-time price per user*. There is a annual software assurance which is optional. This gives you access to our support desk, all core product updates, extra functionalities and releases. See our pricing here.
**Prefer a monthly fee? Contact us for an offer!

Are there setup costs or other extra costs?

No, there is no extra setup cost.
Take a look at our success packages if you need extra customizations or training.

Can we do custom development on Involv?

Yes. You or a third party are free to customize the intranet further to your needs. Don’t have a developer? Contact us for a quote.

Can I use Involv on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Involv is mobile responsive and integrates with all the SharePoint apps on every ecosystem.

Is Involv the appropriate solution for my company?

If you’re not in need of a highly customized solution, we believe that a ready-to-go intranet like Involv is the best way for you to go. We ‘ve put together a whitepaper with the 5 main reasons to choose a ready-to-go intranet. You can download it here.

Can I try Involv for free?

Yes. If you’re interested in getting to know Involv better, please schedule a call for a demo first. This way we can get to know your business a little bit better and help you get the most out of your demo. We can even personalize the demo environment for you with matching brand colors and logo.

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