Involv vs SharePoint

Easier. Faster. Sexier.

Sharepoint is a productivity platform which needs a lot of technical work to be able to function as an intranet.

Involv is a ready-to-go intranet that offers all the most requested features in a visually appealing design,
and you don’t need any deep technical knowledge to use or manage it.

Comparison: Involv vs SharePoint

Creating newsEasy and fastHard, takes time
Creating eventsEasy and fastHard, takes time
Technical skills required?NoPower user
Type of implementationAutomaticallyManually
Implementation speedHoursMonths
Look and feel
User first-designYesNo
Need to customizeNoYes
Intranet best-practices
News page templates
Extranet features
User profiles
Quick links
Target audience
My recent documents
Publishing calendar
Start and end date scheduling
Pre-made homepage templates
Onboarding menu
Extended live search
FAQ – How do I
People directory
Upcoming birthdays
New hires
Internal jobs
My Apps / personalized quick links
Expense claims
Time-off requests
Sandwich shop
Personalized news feed
Org chartIn Delve (if activated)
Mobile AppInvolv Mobile AppDefault SharePoint app
ChatbotComing soon
Disclaimer: Please note that all the comparisons mentioned here have been compiled based on the product information available from the vendors website and our personal experience in October 2019. The vendor may do updates on the product over time. For any inquiries please feel free to contact us at

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