Speakap Alternative

Speakap is a communication platform developed to help companies reach and engage with non-desk workers.
With a focus on delivering news to non-desk workers, Speakap is a good tool for top-down communication.

Whereas the mobile app of Speakap gets it’s information from Speakap, the mobile app of Involv
is fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and gets its information there.

Since the Involv Intranet lives in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem the integration with all the other Microsoft productivity tools
like Search, Teams, people directory, quick links, faq and other is far more advanced.

Involv Speakap
Office 365 Integration
Sharepoint integration
Teams integration
News publishing  
Events management
Org chart
Pre-made templates
Responsive design
Page templates
Document management
Department sites
FAQ – How do I  
People directory (who is who)
Upcoming birthdays
New hires
Internal jobs
Incidents/emergency messages
Extranet features
User profiles
Quick links
My tasks
Expense claims
Time-off requests
Sandwich shop
Mobile App for iOS and Android

Disclaimer: Please note that all the comparisons mentioned here have been compiled based on the product information available from the vendors website and our personal experience in November 2020. The vendor may do updates on the product over time. For any inquiries please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Watch a quick demo of Involv 👇