How Involv empowers everyone within your organization

Made for everyone

Loved by everyone within your organization

Jessica, Team member
  • Sees personalized info
  • Has access to all her tools
  • Finds information fast, taps into collective knowledge
Jill, Comms manager
  • Sends targeted communications
  • Drives social interaction
  • Drives content creation
Christina, HR manager
  • Builds a community
  • Shares company values
  • Develops a great people management process
David, CEO
  • Shares the vision of the organization
  • Gains valuable insights
  • Gets the team rowing in the same direction
Mark, IT manager
  • Keeps information safe
  • Provides an easy to use solution to the business
  • Is supported in every step of building a succesful intranet

Win back time


Jessica, Team member: “I rely on so many tools to stay productive.  Involv is the portal to all these applications, the starting point of my workday.”

“But there’s more. Involv gives me access to all the information I need. I remember the days when documents were being sent back and forth by mail, saved on peoples’ computers or hidden in our clunky document repository. Finding and sharing information now is a breeze and I always get a personalized, filtered overview of documents that are relevant to me.”

Stay relevant

JillJill, Communications Manager: “Relevancy is key when trying to keep people engaged with our internal communications. We provide multilingual content and target everyone in their own language. And while some information may be viewed by every colleague, most of it is segmented to specific departments. ”

“What I love most about Involv are the possibilities for content curation and its social features. In the past there we were only communicating top-down. We actually did not know how people engaged with that content. Now we do, even for our remote workers. Involv allows users to start conversations, interact through social-media like functionalities and become content creators. Communication is a 2-way process now.”

involv for communication manager

Build a community

ChristinaChristina, HR manager: “Finding the right employees is a real challenge. That’s why employee retention is so important. We want to give every newcomer the best possible experience. Our onboarding proces in Involv does just that, while taking some tedious follow-up tasks out of my hands through clever automations.”

“The intranet also allows us to communicate our company values and goals and recognize achievers on the intranet if they exemplify a core value. We believe this is important to have a healthy work culture and build a community of like-minded people.”

See the bigger picture

DavidDavid, CEO: “Our previous intranet lacked engagement. It wasn’t user friendly enough and didn’t connect well with other apps people were using. That’s why integration with our other tools was one of our main critearia when looking for a modern intranet.”

“Involv helps us regain control over the growing amount of data in our organization. Information is now centralized and knowledge can be put to use which has increased our productivity drastically. I also feel like our company vision is better known now, which helps me keep the team rowing in the same direction.”

“As a CEO I also need to have immediate insights into which departments are working on what. Involv gives me a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening, whether or not I’m even in the office.”

Office 365 apps

Cutting edge technology

MarkMark, IT manager: “Involv is a game-changer as it is easy to use. User adoption is great and setting up the intranet was stress-free and only took a few clicks. Editing pages is child’s play thanks to the drag-and-drop editor. For setting up our intranet information architecture we got support from Involv’s success team.”

“Involv uses cutting edge technology from Microsoft. The moment Microsoft updates its Office 365 suite, we have access to these new features. It also means we enjoy the highest security standards in the world which gives me peace of mind.”

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