Business Case: Telecommunications provider Dstny

telecommunications provider

Introduction Dstny Group is a European enterprise headquartered in Brussels, dedicated to offering cloud-based communication solutions to businesses to simplify the lives of over 3 million users. The company provides interactive business communication tools as a service, connecting employees and customers through various communication channels such as voice, video, chat, and more. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has expanded its international presence to countries such as Sweden, France, the Netherlands, and more. In Belgium, Dstny has 250 employees.






Until three years ago, Dsny did not have an intranet, but due to various challenges and the emergence of the COVID pandemic, the need for an intranet became increasingly important.

Several problems arose, such as employees having to consult different platforms to find all the necessary documents. There was a growing need for a central location where all employees had access to important documents such as the brand book and HR policy. Without an intranet available, it was difficult to share news on a regular basis. There was a need for a place where employees could share not only official information but also fun facts and informal messages that were not suitable for email or other communication channels.

“I regularly received requests from staff for an organizational chart. Employees wanted an overview of the organization with information about all their colleagues, so they could contact the right person for their questions and comments directly.”

Gitte Vanderwegen, marketeer
Gitte Vanderwegen, marketeer


To address these challenges, implementing an intranet proved to be the overarching solution. The future intranet had to meet a number of requirements: it had to look dynamic and attractive, be easy to edit, and ideally be built on Microsoft 365. Involv met these requirements, making the choice easy.

The questions about the organizational chart were easily solved thanks to the “Who is Who” component of the new intranet. This includes all employees with their photo, position, date of birth, department, and more. It is no longer necessary to search for the right person through the HR department because all this information is easily accessible via the intranet.

With the introduction of the intranet, there is not only a solution for sharing formal information, but there is now also room to share informal and amusing information on a more regular basis, such as the arrival of a new colleague, the birth of a baby, and more. This ensures that the intranet not only has practical benefits but also has a positive influence on the atmosphere and culture within the organization.

Before the introduction of the intranet, it often took a lot of time to handle certain things such as sending out newsletters. It was often a time-consuming process because the news had to be collected, processed correctly, and then manually forwarded to all stakeholders. With the arrival of the intranet, this has changed, and the dissemination of news and information is much faster and more efficient.”


Dstny has given very positive feedback on their collaboration with Involv. The customer indicates that there was a close collaboration in the early months, but that support is still available even after the launch of the intranet. Dstny appreciates the effort to continuously improve the collaboration.

“We find it very useful that Involv schedules annual self-feedback moments where we can share our feedback and suggestions,” says Gitte from Dstny.”