4 ways your intranet can help you be more efficient working from home

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, companies around the globe have rolled out mandatory remote work. Are your employees ready to work remotely? Are they equipped to be able to stay productive from home? If you consider building an intranet for your employees, don’t wait any longer. This is a time when the value of an integrated solution such as Involv intranet comes into its own. These are the main benefits of intranets for remote working. 

Sharing files

When working from home, the first thing your employees ever need is to have access to files and documents to complete their tasksUsing external hard drives or cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox are usually no best practice, especially for internal data which is important and confidential. 

Insteadfiles can be uploaded onto an intranet system for all users to access, which makes the whole process much easier. With a laptop and an internet connection, your employees can access files, co-edit the documents and share them with colleagues. It’s easy, fast and secureno matter where they are located. 

Effective communication

When working in the office, most people spend their days near their colleagues, meaning communication is easy and effortless. But that’s all out of the window when working remotely, and communication breakdown is even more likely if your workplace isn’t used to remote workingAn intranet can help to fill this gap as it enables users stay connected with their colleagues by providing a variety of communication tools 

For example, a people directory helps to find anyone within your organization and the user profile shows multiple ways to connect with someoneAs an Office 365 intranet, Involv can integrate with the chat tool Yammer and we can even integrate with Microsoft Teams. 


Planning your intranet project

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Staying informed

Coronavirus or not, many businesses suffer from internal communication problems. News is delivered through a weekly newsletter email but gets missed or ignored, the published news and updates are irrelevant to most and thus unengaging… There are a lot of reasons why communication can break down. Implementing a modern intranet can help you overcome those problems.  

For example, corporate news and department updates can be created and published to keep all employees in the loop. You can even add a target audience such as a specific group, team or employees working at a certain location to a specific news item to ensure relevancy.  

Boost the team connection

To people who are not used to it, working remotely can be an isolating experience. We are social creatures who enjoy each other’s companyWithout colleagues to communicate with in physical form, an intranet provides a space which allows a sense of wider belonging and community in addition to providing many ways to stay in touch with your colleagues.  

For example, the user profile component within Involv intranet enables everyone to get to know one another on a personal level. The upcoming birthdays never lets you miss out on your colleagues’ birthdays. The new hires widget shows you who they are, what they do and how you can reach out to them. 

If you would like any further information on how intranet software can help your business productivity amid the coronavirus outbreak, please contact us today. Our team can help you set up an intranet in a matter of days.  


Tim Bogemans

Tim is Collaboration Expert at Involv/Cognit. He builds leading solutions to help people collaborate easier, faster and happier. Connect on LinkedIn.

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