Easily create a dynamic org chart for your intranet with Involv intranet

Org charts are essential for internal communication and collaboration. It is a map of a business, showing “who is who” and “who does what” in an organization. By looking at an org chart, people can see everyone’s role and function, helping them to easily figure out the right person for collaboration.

However, many organizations are struggling with creating and updating org charts manually as it is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

That’s the reason why Involv has built an org chart component for you. With this new component, you can easily and quickly create an org chart for your intranet. No more manual work, our org chart component allows you to automatically generate the org chart by pulling the employee data from your intranet. Pretty awesome huh?

Here are 4 key benefits of Involv org chart:

Fast, easy to use and always up-to-date: Involv org chart saves you a lot of time as it helps you automatically create the org chart. No more manual work with Excel or PowerPoint files.

Easily showcase management structure: The Involv org chart provides a visual presentation of how a company is structured and organized. When you click on a manager profile, it will show all employees who report underneath.

Easy to understand the structure: By presenting the org chart in a tree structure which shows the relationships between employees, everyone can quickly understand their roles, their colleagues, and identify leaders in the organization.

Used as an employee directory: The Involv org chart lets you see all employee names, photos, titles. When you click on an employee, it will take you to their full profile, so that you can easily contact or get to know your colleague better.

Involv org chart

What’s more? Involv org chart is a great alternative for Delve org chart as we know how frustrating it is to create an organization chart using Office 365 Delve. Delve org chart is difficult to use, slow to update, and it is not a handy tool to use in a uniform intranet environment. Besides, Delve org chart does not show a tree structure, rather a vertical structure which is less clear and makes it harder to understand the roles and relationships between employees.

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