Install the Involv Cast Free version

✔ No credit card needed   ✔ No Involv licences needed  ✔ Fast and free installation

Display SharePoint news from 1 site collection on any screen.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Involv Cast for free?

Yes, we offer a free version of Involv Cast. This free version lets you display SharePoint news from 1 site collection on any screen.
Data is pulled from 4 news properties: the image, title, date and description. Your 5 latest news items will show, rotating every 10 seconds. No further configuration is possible in the free version – which makes it a fast and easy solution if you want to get started right now.

Do I need to be an Involv customer to use the Involv Cast?

No, Involv Cast is available both as part of our enterprise package and as a standalone purchase, so you can use it even if you don’t have Involv licenses.

How do we install the free version of Involv Cast?

Installing the free version of Involv Cast takes 4 steps:

  1. Register through the form above. You’ll be taken to the onboarding process.
  2. An admin user needs to grant admin consent for your tenant.
  3. Select the site collection from which you’d like to pull your news items. A unique url will be generated.
  4. Navigate to your unique url on any screen you like, to display your news items.