How to effectively respond to an incident at work: 4 tips and 7 intranet features

There is no doubt that a great digital workplace must have the ability to effectively respond to an incident. Is your organization well equipped to respond to an unexpected event? How do you communicate with employees when an incident occurs? And what tools do you use to maximize the reach and the rapidity of internal communication 

In this blog post, I want to share with you internal communication tips to respond effectively to an incident and how your intranet can help you do it. 

Expectations from your employees 

 If an unexpected event happens at work, employees expect their company to:  

Respond fast: First and foremost, keep employees informed of what’s going on and what they have to do. Never leave employees to wait and wonder when something happens. 

Communicate regularly: Send regular updates (daily if you can) to employees as people want to hear from you what may happen next. 

Be transparent and honest: Are there any changes to the business operations, potential effects? Be open and honest as nothing good comes from a coverup. 

Be consistent: Make sure that communications from all your channels are on the same page so there is no room for confusion.  


Planning your intranet project

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intranet features for your incident response plan 

Here are seven important features within Involv that let you reach all your employees and maximize the effectiveness of company communications when an incident occurs. 

  1. Newsfeed: When dealing with an incident, keeping employees well informed and updated is key. By using the Involv news item you inform and communicate with employees through a live newsfeed. You can even target a message to a specific group or audience such as a specific team or people in a specific location. 

  2. Notifications: Draw employees’ attention to emergency information and warnings. Involv enables you to highlight incident messages on the homepage or a specific department site.  

  3. FAQ: Centralize all incident-related questions in one place so everyone can find the answers easily. With Involv intranet you can create an FAQ as easy as creating a Word document.  

  4. Groups: Bring your incident response team together with a central place for planning, posting updates and sharing files. Involv lets you easily set up a collection of resources for the people you wish to collaborate with.  

  5. Target audience: Push a message/update to a specific group or audience such as people working in a specific location or a team which is affected by the incident. 

  6. Multilingual: Connect to employees in their own language. By using the multilingual support every employee can use their mother tongue.

  7. Mobile app: An incident can be pushed to mobile workers through the Involv mobile app. Mobile workers stay up to date with the important notifications, updates, and news they need – no matter where they’re located at the time of the incident. 

Will you be ready to respond if the next incident happens? 

You don’t want to wait for the next incident to check if you’ve got your incident communication plan in place. Questions to ask yourself: 

How do employees receive the information within your organization today? Can you reach every single employee easily? Do you think the channels that you are using now are good enough for incident response?  Can you share the most common questions and answers on a central location?  

A great digital workplace must ensure maximum communication, especially when something happensWhatever the platform you are using now, it should be easy to use for both content creators (that will need to create the content and reach out to their target audiences) and endusers (which need to be able to see and respond to this content, wherever they are). 

Get your plan and tools in place so you’re well prepared to respond to any incident that might come.  

Want to discover more of the Involv features? Check out all our intranet features here. 


Tim Bogemans

Tim is Collaboration Expert at Involv/Cognit. He builds leading solutions to help people collaborate easier, faster and happier. Connect on LinkedIn.

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