How disorganized policies and procedures hurt your business

When it comes to policies and procedures, one serious mistake most organizations make is not having a plan to regularly update, revise, and especially; to evaluate their effectiveness. Why is it so important to do this?

Because you are putting your business at risk if you don’t. Trying to run a business without keeping your organization policies and procedure in order creates a culture of disorganization. This can negatively impact your business operations, more than you thought.

Here are three ways disorganized policies and procedures are hurting your business.

1. Confusion and frustration among employees, especially the new hires

When you don’t give people proper policies and procedures for reference, you basically allow them to do things their own way. Everyone starts to have his or her own version of the truth. This can lead to inconsistency in the business processes and operations.

What’s worse is that this habit creates confusion and frustration for new employees. Without well-documented policies and procedures, new employees are unable to get a clear answer to how and why things are done. They might, therefore, do things incorrectly, which means they are inefficient and low performing.

2. Miss the opportunity to improve your business operations

The policies and procedures are first and foremost established to help guide the business to operate smoothly and more efficiently. If you don’t carefully check them, how do you know if your organization is now running as efficiently as it could? You will never know if there are ways to optimize your business operations and increase productivity.

Additionally, we live in a fast-changing time, and businesses become more dynamic than ever. Your organization needs to be able to adapt fast to any situation. By having well-controlled and properly documented procedures, you can quickly find out if something is outdated and needs to be changed to adapt to the situation.

3. Redundancy and process duplication

Not having well-documented policies and procedures for everyone’s reference (because they are outdated or aren’t centrally stored) not only creates confusion and frustration among employees as mentioned before, it also causes redundancy and information silos. It hinders team collaboration and can lead to additional work for everyone.

Imagine a company that doesn’t have an efficient procedure for making business travel trips. People have to search and book their own travel arrangements, which doesn’t save anyone time. Another example is when there isn’t a consistent process to handle contracts. Not only can it result in more time spent working on administrative tasks but it also increases the risk of miscommunicating with your clients.

Getting your policies and procedures organized – How can an intranet help?

One of the benefits of having an intranet is that you can store and manage all your policies and procedures in one centralized location. It keeps everything organized, avoids information silos, and allows people to easily access the right info for reference when they need it. When policies and procedures are stored centrally and documented correctly, it’s also easier to update them and make changes.

With Involv, another advantage is that you have immediate access to all the essential intranet features. Search functionality enables everyone to easily search and find the right documents . Our FAQ feature lets you quickly create a centralized knowledge base for all employees. And the Ticketing feature helps to improve your business processes as it enables employees to initiate and handle IT issues and all other questions employees have about the intranet.

Additionally, an intranet can integrate all your favorite tools and apps. This means you can have everything you need to get work done in one platform. This can improve productivity and efficiency a lot.

If you’re considering building a new intranet to improve your business operations, take a look at our short 4-minute demo.

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