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Local Government

The Province of Antwerp is an umbrella organization for various services, where the most important policy choices are made for the province. They needed a brand-new intranet to support their organizational culture that embraces their community, innovation and collaboration.

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Local Government

Starting point 

The Province of Antwerp looked for a modern, easy-to-use and attractive intranet which would be a one-stop-shop platform for documents, news, information, content and social activities. 

The challenge was to give employees an easy and quick way to share information, but also to easily deliver the day-to-day communication through an effective channel other than the email. 


Which intranet platform has an innovative and intuitive design that enables users to share information and news in an easy, fast and secure way? The latest Involv 2.5 answered that question. 

With Involv, the intranet has become a modern, collaborative and social platform. 


– Involv enables people to connect each other on the one hand and to share their expertise and knowledge on the other hand. 

– The delivery of information via Involv is more effective. 

– The powerful Involv search engine helps to find content immediately across the structure. 

– Involv offers a friendly and easy-to-use publishing platform for content creators. 

– Involv is, as it were, an access point, a starting point and as well as a dashboard for all content and applications. 

– Involv encourages people to have discussions and exchange ideas within the organization. 

Previous situation 

The province is an umbrella organization for various services, where the most important policy choices are made for the province. 

Aiming to improve the collaboration more efficient and more effective through digital collaboration, the province of Antwerp has already set up a central platform that enabled communication, digital collaboration and access to tools and documents.  

After the rollout of Office 365, the renewal of the intranet was also on the agenda. Their intranet at that time was built on a Liferay product, but it was outdated and needed an update. 

The province had the choice of setting up an upgrade or a replacement program. 

Search out of the box tools/O365 

The biggest challenge was to find a tool that could be expanded on the already made O365 investment. 

Considering the large offer of intranet vendors on the market, a tender was launched to compare tools such as Valo and Involv. 

The final choice was made for Involv by Cognit because of their pragmatic and personal approach as well as their good value for money. 

Effective collaboration with Involv 

The contact with the Involv team went very smoothly as they’re experts in the field. They are constructive and quick in response to customers’ feedback. 

Importantly, Involv starts from their client’s perspective and needs in order to develop and implement quality customized solutions for organizations. 

Intranet Live 

The Province’s intranet has been live since December 2019. The project from plan to launch has been completed, which means now the focus is to keep the intranet stay fresh and updated with new features and functionalities. 

At the Province of Antwerpen, the intranet is now used on a daily basis by everyone in the organization; it is, as it were, a platform where people and their knowledge are quickly connected. It is the source for sharing knowledge and information. 

Involv & the Future 

Involv is proven as an effective intranet platform for communication and collaboration. This is why the province wants to continue to use Involv as their digital workplace in the future. 

On the Involv’s roadmap there are many great ideas such as the chatbot, further integration with SharePoint and Teams. 

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