7 Reasons why you need a mobile version of the intranet

As people nowadays travel and work remote more often, mobile devices have become the norm. Unfortunately, not all companies seem the be able to keep up the pace… And this problem is often noticeable when you have a look at their intranet. Today your intranet should be reachable from many different devices (such as smartphones, tablets and computers)

When smartphones and tablets were first used within companies, they were supplementary. They were only used when people didn’t have their computer nearby. As time went on, mobile devices took on a different role. Retailers have tablets as a cash register, marketing offices use them during brainstorm sessions and restaurants use them for planning their menu.

Because of the increase in the usage of mobile devices, developers now focus a lot on the ‘mobile audience’. Developers now have to create websites which can be opened on any type of device to provide an optimal viewing experience. Responsive web design affects scrolling, text and image layout, and other design elements. This technique is also very effective for your intranet software platform, but it isn’t the only approach to make your intranet mobile… There are also mobile apps.

The mobile world is growing, and so are mobile apps. End users have many different  devices, and many apps, to help with their daily work. So start embracing mobile technology and use a mobile intranet to connect your internal departments.

The 7 benefits

  1. Faster response by employees

Today’s professionals often spend more time on an external location than in the office. It’s becoming harder for them to access the company intranet when there’s no computer nearby. With a mobile intranet, they can access it from any location, even when they’re on the road.

  1. Better acceptance

The intranet is only useful when people actually use it. Low adoption rates (acceptance of the new tool) can hinder your success. Making your intranet more accessible will get more employees to use it. This will result in higher adoption rates.

  1. Better communication

When e-mail is the only option for communication, it often causes problems. When you add the intranet as a communication platform, the majority of internal messages will occur right there. No more mailing documents back and forth, creating several versions of the same file. E-mail will be more of a notification center, as it should be, pointing to the information on the intranet. Employees will also communicate more on the go which creates a more effective communication.

  1. More effective customer service

Use the intranet for customer service… or a help desk. This should be your main focus, as customers define the success of your business. A mobile intranet makes it easy to get the help they need whenever they need it, because they always have their smartphone near nowadays. The brand loyalty and reputation will increase.

  1. Improved productivity

Your employees become more productive with a mobile intranet. Employees often don’t have direct access to a computer during the day. Those wanting to get a lot of work done will find this an obstacle. Productivity will improve when they have intranet access on their smartphone or tablet.

  1. Lower costs

There are several ways an intranet can save you money. Online meetings and discussions on the intranet are a perfect example. You win time choosing an appropriate time, as anyone can access the meeting online, and reduce travel time and costs. Work together on the documents you’re discussing and share instant updates with other coworkers.

  1. BYOD

There are a lot of people who believe Bring Your Own Device this is the future, and there are people who think this is a trend that won’t last.  What we do know for sure is that employees nowadays are a lot more picky on which device they want to use for work. This doesn’t matter when you have a mobile intranet. They’ll be free to choose which ever method they need to increase their productivity. Your company data remains within the intranet.

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Tim Bogemans

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