10 reasons why people all over the world love Involv

The digital workplace has become so complex that only few organizations choose to build their intranet on their own. Today people tend to look for ready-to-go solutions to improve communication, knowledge sharing and productivity within the organization. Why people worldwide choose Involv as their ready-to-go intranet? We asked them and share a top 10 of the most heard answers with you.

Get people Involved

Offering your employees the tools to share knowledge, create content and collaborate on its own is not enough. A good intranet stimulates them to get involved.

In the past, information was pushed ‘top-down’ through the organization but we have seen a great shift in the last decade. Today it’s interaction that creates the most added value. There is communication within teams, between different departments and offices, fróm the management but also tó the management. People share their knowledge, inform about the projects they are working on and enter into dialogue with coworkers.

Ease and simplicity are the key to success. Involv makes it easy for people to create content, react and share. Communication is also stimulated by the integration of instant-messaging and live streams from twitter. The result is a higher employee engagement but above all: a better work atmosphere and improved company culture.

Focus on what’s important

For every task you’re performing on a daily basis, you will no doubt find a tool that can simplify or speed up that task. The real challenge is not finding those solutions, but creating a manageable package that connects seamlessly and is future proof.

Before we created Involv, we were involved in projects to improve collaboration within organizations for more than 10 years. That experience learned us that, even though each organization is unique, the basics of a succesful  intranet and extranet are always the same. That’s why we chose to build Involv as a ready-to-go solution on the SharePoint and Office 365 ecosystem. Involv integrates with all the Office 365 solutions your employees are already using today and will keep using in the future. Tools such as Office 365 Groups, OneDrive, PowerBI, Video, Yammer and Delve. Your users don’t need to switch between different applications, as they have access to 1 centralized digital workplace.

On top of that we integrated some useful applications such as apps to request and manage expenses, time-off requests and lunch orders. We’re continuously listening to feedback from our users and that’s why we’re adding new, relevant features on a regular basis. Don’t worry if you think this will clutter your intranet; the drag and drop interface lets you select and organize the components as you like.


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Stress-free and fast deploy

Involv installs in just a few simple steps on your Office 365 tenant. Stress-free, that’s our promise.
What you see is what you get: a ready-to-go environment in which you can start adding content from day 1. Our simple configurator will guide you through the steps for setting up user rights and selecting your brand look. Then you can start to drag & drop the components to customize the interface to your needs.

Your look & feel

As discussed; in a few steps you’re able to add your corporate identity to your intranet environment. Branding improves company culture and makes your intranet the perfect starting point for collaboration within the organization.

Available on every device

Involv has a responsive layout which adjusts to every screen size. That’s why Involv looks good, on all your devices. Waiting for the next meeting? Make good use of that time to go through your presentation once more on your smartphone or tablet. You can open and edit the file from within your browser and search for additional information on the intranet. All your content is available where you need it to be, and as an administrator there’s no need to maintain a separate mobile version or app.

No vendor lock-in

At Involv, we don’t keep you from choosing your preferred partner. Our intranet solution is built as a layer on top of SharePoint, which means you can work with any partner you like to maintain and update your intranet. Of course you can rely on our own experts for support, training and maintenance too. We created some success packs for this.

Affordable and budgettable

We like transparency. Deploy your digital workplace for a one-time fee per user. Don’t worry; Involv will grow with you as you like. The annual software assurance makes sure you get access to our regular updates so you get the most out of Involv, always.

Access to the latest innovations

Microsoft is always spending huge budgets on innovation. Think about the huge shift to the Office 365 ‘Modern experience’ in Office 365 SharePoint for example. Organizations that want to maximize the value of technology want to keep up with these innovations. But – we do understand that your main focus is with your core business. That’s why our software assurance makes sure you get immediate access to the updates from Microsoft and Involv.

In your own language

Make your content available in any language you want. Do you want to create content in multiple languages? Even that is possible and it’s easier than ever thanks to the automated translation lists. Create news, events, jobs, frequently asked questions, notifications and any other type of content in your preferred languages and link the translations for a complete multilingual experience. Your coworkers can select their preferred language that they will see by default.

Integrates with your other applications

Besides the integrated Office 365 applications Involv lets you connect your other business applications. You can, for instance, connect your quality management solution, project management too and CRM, whether or not through the available API.


Tim Bogemans

Tim is Collaboration Expert at Involv/Cognit. He builds leading solutions to help people collaborate easier, faster and happier. Connect on LinkedIn.

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