How to maintain your team’s visibility when working remotely

Working remotely has many undeniable advantages such as no commuting, flexible schedule, no office distractions, etc. However, it also brings its own challenges.

HR and managers need to get more visibility on remote employees and the lack of in-person social interactions can make many remote workers feel isolated and disconnected. As a result, they become less engaged in their work.

So, how do you maintain visibility when everyone is working remotely? Here are 5 proven tips.

Schedule video calls with your team

When meeting in person isn’t an option, video calling is a great alternative. Everyone can see and hear others, which allows us to feel more connected.

You can, for example, schedule video calls for daily stand-up meetings where everyone in the team shares an update about their tasks and work progress. Organizing virtual hangouts or lunch breaks with colleagues from other teams is another best practice for maintaining visibility and reducing social isolation.

Have one-on-one conversations with colleagues

Many of us prefer having a one-on-one conversation over a group setting. If that is the case, make an effort to communicate with your colleagues individually by calling or messaging.

Not everything has to be about work, it can be an informal chat too. Those informal conversations can help you make a stronger bond or relationship with colleagues.

Start a company-wide program

Many organizations start to create company-wide projects or initiatives to boost cross-functional communication and collaboration. By participating in those projects, people from different teams can have more chances to interact with each other and let their voices be heard.

This is a great way to encourage everyone in your organization to connect and strengthen the company network, which can help to improve workplace communication.


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Encourage employees to share their insights on the company intranet

The company intranets are often used for important communication and updates from the management. Also, they can be used as a digital place for employees to publish their insights on projects or achievements.

Encourage your employees to write about what’s interesting about their job, lessons they’ve learned from their role, or anything that can provide value to others. This can motivate people to learn more about their colleagues and helps to increase knowledge sharing within your organization.

Visit the office if and when possible

(Disclaimer: Visiting the office may not be an option at this moment as people in many countries are obligated to work from home as a safety measure for covid-19.)

Aside from the above-mentioned ways, if and when possible, visit the office to meet and talk to your colleagues physically. Take this chance to develop an in-person connection with your colleagues.

Video calling is a great alternative, but meeting people in person is the best way to build and strengthen relationships.

Bottom line:

We, as humans, are social creatures. Social interaction is essential to every aspect of our lives. That’s why it’s understandable that many employees feel isolated and disconnected when working remotely. Employers and managers shouldn’t overlook this problem and take action to boost team connection and visibility. These tips above are a great way to start.

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Tim Bogemans

Tim is Collaboration Expert at Involv/Cognit. He builds leading solutions to help people collaborate easier, faster and happier. Connect on LinkedIn.

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