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Omroep Brabant

Regional media

Omroep Brabant is one of the largest regional media of the Netherlands. They make great radio and television shows and through their online presence they share regional news with about 760.000 visitors per day. Omroep Brabant is therefore in the top 10 of national online newsmedia. To keep internal communications between their 200 employees running smoothly, they need to rely on an intranet that’s easy and modern. They found exactly what they needed in Involv – Office 365 intranet.

+200 users

The Netherlands

Sector: media

Wanted: an intranet with the right look and feel

Leo Brons is one of the system administrators at Omroep Brabant. His department is closely connected to the programmer and helpdesk of the organisation. “We had been working with the same intranet for years , but this was getting outdated. When we found out that it was no longer supported by Microsoft, we absolutely wanted to move to a modern platform.”

“We already were experienced with SharePoint to some degree. A new version was just launched at the time, so we began to experiment with the tool. But it soon became clear that its look and feel did not match our expectations.”

The system administrators explored other possibilities and came across Involv – Office 365 intranet. “It was one of my colleagues who pointed me to the Involv website. We requested an online demo, which was great to get a first feel of the product. The demo was clear, but we needed more convincing.”

A decent platform, at an honest price

We arranged a conference call with one of the Involv consultants and got to see an advanced live demo. That did win us over, and so did the quote Involv offered us. It can be said that Involv is a decent platform, at an honest price.

We also got access to a testing environment, where our team could explore the features of Involv – Office 365 intranet. This was very valuable and it helped us list our requirements. A technical consultant of Involv did some tweaks to get the intranet to match our needs as close as possible.

Today, the intranet is a heavily used tool. Coworkers can see upcoming birthdays, phone numbers, email addresses, internal news, apps like Twitter and Facebook and the organizational values and norms. But apart from all that it’s also kind of an FAQ with links to all sorts of documentation and websites.

Ready-to-go, but flexible

“Involv is like an extra layer to your own intranet. It’s ready-to-go, but has the possibility to add extra apps and do customizations. A very client oriented and flexible solution.

We also have an agreement for additional support which comes as a ‘success package’. It took us some time to get used to, but it’s very transparent as hours are being tracked thoughtfully.

The thing I like most about Involv – Office 365 intranet is the fact that we can manage the platform on our own. We do not depend on others to make adjustments. For more advanced stuff like changes in a specific programming language, we can contact the Involv helpdesk. Another plus are the automatic updates which give us access to the latest innovations from Microsoft.”

Smooth launch and happy users

Together with the marketing department, Leo created a brief manual to distribute among the coworkers. “This made switching to the new platform easy. Every employee has read permissions, but not everyone has edit permissions. The departments that are responsable for what’s being shown on the intranet adopted the process quickly.”

The Involv – Office 365 intranet of Omroep Brabant is fully operational since october 2018. “The feedback from our users is positive”, says Leo. “Of course there’s always some critisism when changes are introduced but we have had little complaints. With the support from the Involv consultants we did some minor changes and in the future we can rely on their helpdesk. We’re absolutely pleased with the result.”

Great look and feel

Correct pricing

No vendor lock-in

Automatic Microsoft updates

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