Business Case: Blue Triangle

Social care organisation 

When social care organisation Blue Triangle began their intranet journey with Involv they were also undertaking a comprehensive digital transformation project, meaning lots of change for staff and new systems to learn.

They needed a futureproof intranet that would help create connections between distributed co-workers and provide centralised access to digital workplace tools.

The intranet had to be very user-friendly, display content that staff could see at-a-glance, and extremely useful. 


Scotland, United Kingdom

Social care


Blue Triangle is a social care organisation based in Glasgow. It provides person-centred support and accommodation across nine local authority regions in Scotland.

The majority of Blue Triangle employees are services staff who, despite having an office base, spend much of their time away from their desks.

Although currently on-premises, the organisation wanted an intranet solution that could eventually migrate to the cloud in the future.
With Involv, which runs in the Microsoft 365 cloud, Blue Triangle could have both.


Blue Triangle’s intranet project was part of a wider digital transformation programme. The organisation’s old intranet was outdated and underused, overtaken by email as the primary source of staff communication.

Due to the distributed nature of the organisation’s staff, this led to employees feeling increasingly isolated from their co-workers and the organisation as a whole. This proved to be particularly problematic during the pandemic.

Time-pressed staff simply couldn’t keep up with the volume of emails and needed a central hub where they could keep up-to-date with company news as well as access essential digital workplace tools too.

New to her position in the summer of 2022, Communications and Engagement Manager Keara Donnachie was tasked with rolling the new Involv intranet out.


1. One-stop digital workplace

Top of Keara’s priorities was reducing reliance on email and improving the accessibility of their digital workplace tools for a staff for a staff who are time poor and pressured by external factors.

The beauty of Involv Intranet is that it is so easy to use. Not only can employees see the latest news and essential tools such as Teams, Sage HR and Thrive (Blue Triangle’s new learning portal), they can access contacts and policy documents directly from the homepage too.

As well as reducing reliance on email, this centralisation of tools and information has been designed to save time.

“The dream for me is this intranet will reduce reliance on emails. Staff get sent hundreds of emails a week and they don’t have time to read them. When they’re on the frontline, dealing with people in such serious situations, they need somewhere that they can click, read at-a-glance, then leave. With Involv they can do that.” 

Keara Donnachie 
Engagement Manager
Keara Donnachie Communication & Engagement Manager

2. Creating connections and celebrating success
Keara wanted the new intranet to be a space for employees to feel connected to the wider organisation, particularly after the isolating effects of the pandemic.

So, it was important that staff were given a place to share not only company news but personal stories too.

The intranet homepage is central to this vision. It’s now a place where co-workers, who are unlikely to meet face-to-face, can still feel connected with one another.

“Our frontline workers are under huge pressure dealing with difficult circumstances. So, to offset some of the challenges they face, we wanted to shout about the amazing work they’re doing. The Involv Intranet is a great way to celebrate those things.”

Keara Donnachie, Communication and Engagement Manager

3. Mobile app key to buy-in from frontline workers
With a large percentage of staff working out in the field, Keara needed an intranet that came with a mobile app.

The Involv mobile app, which gives employees access to company news, documents, people directory, meetings and email wherever they are, has been a crucial way to get staff “buy-in” for the new intranet, says Keara.

As staff are going from meeting to meeting, in their car or on-foot, they don’t have a lot of time to access the intranet from their desktop, which is why a mobile app is essential. Plus, managers travel between services and also need on-the-go access to the intranet too.

“A lot of our staff are out in the community. They need to access things like the people directory, phone numbers and contacts on their work phone, which they can do from the Involv app. The push notifications are also a useful way to alert staff to important updates whilst they’re on the move.”
Keara Donnachie, Communication and Engagement Manager

4. Self-service intranet with support from Involv team
As a comms team of one, Keara needed a self-service intranet that is quick and easy to update, as well as customise, with no coding required.

Luckily for her, Involv Intranet is all these things. From moving objects to changing colours, the functionality is intuitive and user-friendly.

Even elements she thought would be “really complicated”, like the Mega Menu and Quick Links, have turned out to be simple.

Although Keara confesses to have “broken things” on occasion, the Involv team have been on hand for support when needed.

“As someone who hasn’t worked on an intranet before, I was very intimidated. But the support from the Involv team has been fantastic. They’ve really helped me to understand what an intranet can do and all the building blocks and tools available.”
Keara Donnachie, Communication and Engagement Manager

At Involv, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping our clients achieve their intranet goals.