5 ways an intranet mobile app empowers your remote workers

Let’s think about your remote staff/non-desk workers, the people who are always on the move🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️. Where do they get the organizational news from? How do you keep them informed about the work that’s being done within your organization? And how do you get them to share your values so you cultivate a positive culture?🤔

Working outside of the traditional office environment, deskless workers easily miss out on internal communications like news, department updates, company events etc. As face to face communication is limited, they have less chance to socialize with colleagues and get to know them better. This may cause remote workers to become less engaged, which results in low performance and productivity, and may ultimately impact your bottom line.

The challenge of engaging the mobile workforce is to get them involved wherever they are. A survey has found that an average person picks up their phone 55 times a day😮. So, if you’re asking “what is the fastest and handiest way to stay connected with mobile workers?”, the answer is definitely: through their smartphones📲. If your intranet proves to be an effective channel for the office-based teams to communicate and collaborate, then it’s time to take it mobile.

Here are 5 ways an intranet mobile app empowers your mobile workers👇

Develop effective communication

Unlike the in-office teams, most non-desk workers don’t have regular access to a computer. Instead, they rely on their smartphone to connect with colleagues and keep track of work-related news and documents. 📢With a mobile intranet app, you deliver all the news straight to everyone’s smartphone. No one will ever miss important news while on the move. Never miss an email or a meeting again📧. Your employees can now quickly access information and people no matter where they are.

Increase productivity

“How to safely access documents while away from the desk?” is one of the most common questions from remote workers. Having a mobile intranet app on their smartphone enables them to access all the documents they need fast, easy and safe. 🤲Everything they need to get the work done is in the palm of their hand. They can search, read and edit documents wherever they are.

Encourage collaboration

The lack of human connection is definitely one of the downsides remote workers often address. Their work can feel like a solo struggle and they feel that they’re lacking community. Humans have a need to socialize and connect – and that’s the foundation for successful teamwork and collaboration🤝. By including a ‘people finder’ in your mobile intranet app, you enable them to keep in touch with their teammates, managers or anyone in the company. People are now only one tap away from each other and there are different ways to communicate, by chat, audio- or video calls and mail.

Strengthen company culture

Out of sight but never out of mind. An intranet brings your culture online and an intranet mobile app enables everyone in a company to take the intranet with them everywhere they go. It connects the employees wherever they work, giving them a sense of belonging and participation – which is known as one of the essentials to build a healthy organizational culture🧡.

Improve digital employee experience

Launching an intranet mobile app, you provide your remote workers with the right digital tool to do their job better and more efficiently – which results in an improved work experience. When people feel more support and care from their organization, they are more likely to have a higher interest in their work🙂, perform better and build a higher commitment to the organization.


When it comes to delivering effective internal communications, remote workers/non-desk employees definitely need your attention🧐. How to reach the entire workforce and engage people wherever they are is a real challenge to most organizations. Thankfully, nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, allowing them to easily access whatever digital platform. With the right intranet mobile app solution and the right internal communication strategy in place, a mobile workforce can be just as engaged and connected as in-office teams – in a secure way💪

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