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Embrace the Future of Intranet: Seamless Transition from Valo to Involv

Following Valo’s acquisition by Staffbase, numerous organizations are actively seeking a fresh SharePoint intranet solution. Now is the perfect moment to embark on a transformative digital journey with Involv, your reliable intranet partner. We provide a seamless migration path and ensure a smooth transition, tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Free migration scan

Wondering about the time it would take to migrate your valo intranet? Let us give you a comprehensive estimate with our free migration scan.


Tailored Transition

Your transition should be as unique as your business needs. Our team is ready to provide a customized migration process that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. Moreover, we can seamlessly integrate Valo’s multilingual capabilities without requiring a separate migration. With Valo’s approach, we ensure a smooth and efficient process, saving you both time and effort.

Continued Support

Involv is committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring your intranet stays updated, secure and efficient in the long run.

Award Winning SharePoint Intranet

Don’t settle for less. Involv is an award-winning SharePoint intranet, loved by organizations all over the world. Keep enjoying the seamless integration with the entire Microsoft suite, as you do today.

valo migration scan

Free intranet migration scan

Our Valo intranet migration scan offers crucial insights into the complexity of migrating your current intranet. It helps distinguish the sections that are simple to migrate from those requiring additional attention.

The image on the left showcases the standard dashboard produced by our scan. This scan also provides a summary of sites, their corresponding pages, and associated web parts. We will delve into these results comprehensively with you.

Incorporating this scan and your feedback (for instance, content that doesn’t need to be relocated) enables us to provide you with a precise quote thereafter.


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Involv: Trusted by top organizations and communication partners all over the world


Expand your offering with a best-in-class intranet solution. Help your customers boost communication and build an engaged and productive workforce.

Why partner with Involv?


Leverage the knowledge of our intranet experts and get access to award-winning intranet technology.


Acquire new clients and accelerate your growth with a new revenue stream.


Learn why other tech partners and a growing list of customers choose Involv to be their trusted partner.

  • 15+ years of expertise in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.
  • A growing base of hundreds of customers worldwide.
  • Awarded best intranet in the market 2022.
  • A fast, agile and responsive team.

“Before the introduction of the intranet, it often took a lot of time to handle certain things such as sending out newsletters. It was often a time-consuming process because the news had to be collected, processed correctly, and then manually forwarded to all stakeholders. With the arrival of the intranet, this has changed, and the dissemination of news and information is much faster and more efficient.”

Gitte Vanderwegen, marketeer, Dstny


“Compared to our previous intranet, one thing that really stands out about Involv is the little enhancements. They make things quicker, easier and more effective. They make things slicker.”

Martin Stubbs-Partridge, Internal Communications Officer, NatureScot


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