Business case: Royal Air Force Museum


Museums and exhibitions

Established in 1972 in London, the Royal Air Force Museum has become one of the leading museums in the country and worldwide. The museum’s collection comprises around 1.3 million objects that were used to share the story of the Royal Air Force of the UK and its people. The museum has more than 350 employees and a wide network of supporters and partners.

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Museums and exhibitions

The challenges

There was no one central communication platform at RAF Museum. Their internal communication happened mostly through emails. For creating organization events, they used the outlook calendar.

As a result, employees at RAF Museum were experiencing email overload, receiving too many messages every day. Because of the large amount of emails coming to employees’ inboxes, many important announcements and updates were missed and buried.

On top of that, the museum struggled to get the most out of Microsoft investment as they didn’t always have extensive knowledge of Microsoft technology. They wanted to increase their ROI.

The solution

Already living in Microsoft 365, RAF Museum was looking for an intranet solution that was built in the existing system. The intranet also had to be easy to use for end-users and content admins.

Besides, they wanted to have a mobile intranet app to reach and engage with more than 100 non-desk employees.

After getting a demo of Involv, the museum was impressed with the Involv solution. Still, they requested to access the testing environment to explore the features of the platform. And by that, RAF Museum was convinced to choose Involv for their intranet project.

Key benefits of Involv intranet

  • Offers all the best-in-class features while enhancing the office 365 experience

  • Fully integrated with Office 365, SharePoint and Teams

  • Has an intuitive design that looks great on any device

  • Easy to deploy and manage, meaning less work for the IT team

  • Has a mobile intranet app that is fully brandable

The results

350 employees no longer suffered from email overload as they have a new intranet platform that streamlines all the employee communication in one central location. With the new intranet, RAF Museum has been able to:

  • Drastically reduce reliance on emails

  • Streamline all communications in one central location

  • Reduce work for IT with an easy to use intranet platform

  • Get the most out of Office 365 tools for a higher productivity

  • Reach and engage non-desk workers with their own branded mobile intranet app

Your Plan for Maximizing Employee Engagement


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