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Nonprofit organization

Plan International Belgium is an independent Belgian NGO, a member of Plan International, which advances children’s rights and equality for girls in more than 70 countries including the poorest countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The organization is particularly active where conflicts happen or where natural disasters occur. 

Since 1983 Plan International Belgium has been helping children and young people to live more independently and to change their future. 

The organization ensures that girls from birth to adulthood are given equal opportunities as boys: going to school or following an education, getting training for a decent job, having their voice heard and making changes in their society, having their own decision on their lives and their bodies and being free from violence. 

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Nonprofit organization

Growing pains

340.000 children today have opportunities to build a better future together with their entire community. To be able to create that impact Plan International Belgium works with hundreds of volunteers and around 70 permanent employees. And those numbers continue to grow. 

Stefaan van Bossuyt, IT support officer at Plan International Belgium says“As Plan International Belgium grew, we noticed some growing pains. Our fileserver was a mess, for example. People started using their own document structure over the years. As a result, it was difficult for other people to locate files and 1 document usually had many different versions. 

“That is why we went looking for a Document Management System, a uniform solution where users could easily find all the necessary information. Since we have already been using the Office 365 package, SharePoint was our preference, although the opinions were divided. Certain people didn’t have such a good user experience with the platform. Stefaan adds: “It was our IT partner Techne who pointed out many new opportunities that SharePoint Online offered today and since they knew that the ease of use was such an important factor for us, they brought us into contact with the people from Involv”.  

SharePoint, but more attractive 

Stefaan: “We got a demo from Involv intranet. Walso had a look at other intranet solutions for Plan International Belgium but they were all too technical. The great thing about the Involv intranet is the ease of use. It is a layer on top of SharePoint where we have not only a good Document Management System but also a good communication platform. Involv offered many interesting features that we could use immediately, such as the quick links, the FAQ and the ticketing. It can be said that today we will be able to use the platform even more to streamline the communication. 

“But we are going to do it step by step. What we see in Plan International Belgium, and no doubt also in other organizations, is that people sometimes stick to their old habits. Sending information via email is a perfect example. It requires some training and attention to teach people to share a link to the document from now on. For this extra guidance, we can count on the people from Involv. In this way, we will certainly optimize the collaboration within Plan International Belgium in the future 

Ease of use

A good DMS

A good communication platform

SharePoint, but more attractive

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