Business case: Ohio’s Hospice

Building a modern intranet in Microsoft 365
to improve internal communication among 1400 employees


Hospital & Healthcare

Ohio’s Hospice is a partnership of not-for-profit hospice providers in Ohio, US. The group is serving in 44 Ohio counties and has 1400 employees who are nurses, physicians, social workers, chaplains, personal care specialists and volunteers.

1400 users


Hospital & Healthcare

The challenge:

Reach and engage the entire workforce

As the workforce grew, Ohio’s Hospice started experiencing the struggle to reach and engage all employees. It was difficult to inform every single employee with targeted communications.

The fact that their 1400 employees are spread across 6 different locations made it even more challenging to streamline communication and keep everyone engaged.

The organization had been using Email and Microsoft Teams. But these two tools have been proven ineffective ways to disseminate information in big teams. Important messages easily got lost in employees’ inboxes. Microsoft Teams is great for calling and messaging, but it offers very limited possibilities for content publishing and management.

Ohio’s Hospice had had an intranet that was custom built years ago. However, it wasn’t up-to-date and did not integrate with their Microsoft 365 technology.

To overcome the challenge, Ohio’s Hospice needed a new modern intranet.

As the organization had recently moved to Office 365, they were looking for a SharePoint intranet solution, with a high requirement for ease of use and design. And that’s how they’ve found Involv.

Our solution:

An easy-to-use Office 365 Involv intranet, making communication easy and efficient.

Involv worked with the Ohio’s Hospice intranet project team to implement an intranet that centralizes all internal communications in one place. It allows the management and internal communication team to inform all employees – no matter where they are and which device they use – in a fast and efficient way.

Through the Involv intranet, employees can easily check the latest news, events and Covid-19 updates and access all procedures and forms they need. An effective information architecture and the powerful search capability allow employees to find what they need quickly.

With Involv, Ohio’s Hospice is able to deploy multiple SharePoint intranet sites for different units in the group. The root site will redirect users to the right intranet site based on their working unit which is linked to the user profile. This helps to ensure employees access the right intranet site with relevant content and documents.

The Involv analytics center is the place to check the usage and behavior Ohio’s hospice intranet users. Thanks to this information the organization can improve their internal communication and increase employee engagement.

Key benefits of Involv intranet for Ohio’s Hospice

  • A modern Office 365 intranet solution leveraging the latest Microsoft technology
  • An easy to use, centralized platform to communicate and engage with a large workforce
  • Deploying multiple SharePoint intranet sites for different business units
  • The best value for money and an extra discount thanks to Involv’s donation program for non-profit organizations

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The results:

What has Ohio’s Hospice achieved by using Involv intranet?

Ohio’s Hospice launched their Involv intranet in Quarter 2, 2021 and they are very happy and satisfied with the results. Employees have quickly adopted the new company intranet as it has been proven an effective channel to stay informed of internal news and updates.

Involv intranet has already made an impact in Ohio’s Hospice. It helps the organization to:

  • Streamline communication over 6 different locations
  • Effectively communicate to a large workforce of 1400 employees
  • Keep employees up to date with organizational news and events
  • Give employees easy access to forms, policies and procedures
  • Help employees find and connect with their colleagues

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