Business Case: CD&V

Political party CD&V

CD&V (Christian Democratic and Flemish) is a political party that focuses on Christian democratic and socio-economic values. The party is active in Flanders and is part of the federal government of Belgium.
The CD&V team consists of around 160 employees, of which approximately 80 are office staff and an equal number are cabinet and parliamentary staff.




Political party


Before working with Involv, CD&V did not have an internal communication platform, which led to several challenges in their daily activities.

The lack of a central repository for important documents such as congress reports made it difficult to keep track of them. These documents were often emailed back and forth between different employees, making it challenging to keep track of the latest version and location of the document.

Moreover, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became even more crucial to have a good online platform. Since then, employees have had the option to work from home for two days. This necessitated the creation of a platform where all CD&V employees, regardless of their location, could stay in touch with each other.



The secretariat of CD&V was responsible for finding a suitable intranet. To achieve this, they compared various providers on the market. After a thorough evaluation, they ultimately chose Involv, mainly because of the extensive choice of components that met the organization’s specific requirements.

“Moreover, Involv was a flexible and committed partner who listened to our needs and did not impose unnecessary things. This gave us the confidence that we have made the right choice by choosing Involv.”

Mia Verstraete, Staff Member HR
Mia Verstraete, Staff Member HR

One of the most used tools of the intranet is the “news messages” tool, which is managed by the HR and communication department. Together with the events tool, it ensures that all departments stay informed about important and upcoming events within the company.

In addition to publishing news messages, the intranet is also used to distribute job vacancies among employees. This way, all employees are informed about available positions and can share this information with their own network. This allows the company to reach a broader range of potential candidates and increase the chance of finding the most suitable person for the job.

The intranet has developed into more than just a communication tool. It also serves as a central point for storing important files. This has the great advantage that all documents are stored in one place, promoting collaboration between employees. Moreover, this centralization of documents makes searching for important information much more efficient.


During the launch of their new intranet, CD&V took several steps to ensure that all employees were informed. The new Involv intranet was announced during various staff meetings and its arrival was explicitly mentioned in their newsletter.

To ensure that all employees became familiar with the new system, the company organized a specific staff meeting in which the intranet was discussed. All present employees were asked to bring their laptops, resulting in a collaborative and effective way to introduce and learn about the new system.

Current Situation

According to the client, there has been a significant improvement in the situation compared to before. CD&V is very satisfied with the intranet and the benefits it offers to its employees. The team continues to strive to make even better use of the intranet and optimize collaboration and communication within the organization.
Despite already using various parts of the intranet, CD&V is still discovering some functionalities. Currently, they are working on implementing the Who’s Who tool, which allows employees to quickly find information about their colleagues, such as their position and department. This will make it easier for employees to ask targeted questions to the right colleague and further improve collaboration within the organization.


CD&V experiences the collaboration with the Involv team as excellent.

“The Involv team has always been dedicated to meeting our needs and they have had a lot of patience with the different cabinets that each had their own requirements and needs. The guidance was always well-prepared and organized.”
– Mia Verstraete, HR staff member –

Mia mentioned that every workshop was well-prepared by an Involv employee. This employee always had a clear overview of the tasks yet to be completed and those that had already been completed. This made it clear for both Involv and CD&V what still needed to be done. CD&V still has confidence that they can turn to Involv for any questions.