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Content & document management

Create, edit and share your documents.

Involv document management helps you share your documents inside and outside your organization. It’s easy, fast and secure.

Open and edit your documents in your browser or your favorite apps. Thanks to Office 365’s versioning and the capability to work on a document with multiple users at the same time, you will always work on the correct and latest version of your document.

my documents

Keep track of important news.

News items can be shown company-wide on the homepage of your intranet, or added to specific department sites. Use the drag and-drop page builder to add any content you like; text, images, video’s and any other widget. Your colleagues can engage with your content thanks to comments and social features.

Showcase your events.

Showcase your event in an interesting way thanks to the visual page builder, which allows you to add any content you like, such as text, images, video’s and any other widget. Your events show automatically on the homepage, or you can add specific events to the department sites.

How do I

Find answers fast in the FAQ.

Knowledge is worth more when shared. A FAQ or how do I section helps you put the knowledge within your organisation to use and get your onboarding process to speed.

Find what you need with our smart search.

Nobody likes losing time, looking for the right document or information. That’s why we brought instant searching, suggestions and synonyms to Involv. You’ll get a real-time overview of documents, content and people as you type.

my apps

Add links to important resources in My apps.

My apps is where your most important links go. Share links to your company-wide applications and resources and let users add their own important links.

Create your own Personal space.

My personal space offers full control over your intranet experience. Thanks to the drag and drop editor you can easily create your own digital workplace, with the tools and widgets you need, in no time. My page can, for instance, show your latest activity, provide access to your latest documents, and show an overview of open tasks which were assigned to you.

my page

Share your message through video.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Office 365 allows you to share your video’s throughout the organization. Adding a video is as easy as drag-and-drop. 
Video’s are great for sharing trainings, important announcements, procedures and much more. Your coworkers can search for video’s about the topics they are most interested in and watch them on any device. 

stream video

Stay connected through Outlook.

Outlook helps you stay connected by integrating e-mail, calendar and contacts. Get instant access from within Involv and integrate your group calendar so you never miss a meeting or event. 

Get social with Yammer.

Yammer adds social interaction to Involv. Comment, like or share content throughout the intranet and tag people if you ‘d like to notify them.

twitter feed

Add your company’s Twitter feed.

The twitter feed helps you stay up to date with your company’s social messages. Like or share a post without leaving your intranet portal.

Discover your most relevant content with  Delve.

Involv gets the most out of the powerful Delve features. Delve helps you discover the projects, documents, people and information that are most important to you. 


Keep track of your tasks.

Keep track of your tasks with the planner integration. A clear graph displays your progress and allows you to click through to your planner environment. 


Collaborate better within groups.

Groups let you easily set up a collection of resources for the people you wish to collaborate with. Resources such as a shared Outlook inbox, shared calendar or a document library for collaborating on files.
You don’t have to worry about manually assigning permissions to all those resources because adding members to the group automatically gives them the permissions they need to the tools your group provides.

Collect data easily with forms.

Easily create surveys and quizzes with Microsoft forms. Collect the answers and evaluate them with the built-in analysis.


Create automated workflows.

Involv integrates with Microsoft Flow, so you can create automated workflows with your favorite apps and services to receive notifications, sync files, gather data and much more. 

Take your teamwork to the next level.

Teams is the hub for all your teamwork. Share your documents and communicate through chat messages, conversations and meetings.  

Involv mobile app

Be mobile.

It doesn’t matter where you want to read your company news or get access to your projects, you can take your intranet with you everywhere. Involv integrates with the official SharePoint apps which leverages all of this plus push notifications. Doing this we make sure that you always have access to the latest Microsoft features and updates. 


Who is who helps you find contact details faster.

An intranet should help you get in touch with your colleagues. The who is who page helps you find people within different departments fast and easy. Click through to see the files you’re both working on and find multiple ways to contact each other. 

who is who

Don’t miss an Upcoming birthday.

The Upcoming birthday widget is populated automatically by pulling data from your colleague’s profiles. Bond with them by congratulating them on their day of the year. 

Welcome New hires.

Does your company welcome new hires? The recent hires widget shows you who they are, what they do and how you can reach out to them.

recent hires
Internal jobs

Check Internal jobs.

The internal jobs widget shows an overview of the current job offers. Watch all the details by the click of a button. 

Display locations with an interactive map.

Add locations in an attractive and engaging way. The integration of Bing maps lets you add interactive maps, for instance to your events pages. Need to know directions? No problem, watch the locations in bing and get the directions in a click


Get actionable insights with PowerBI.

Go from data to actionable insights in minutes. Visualize your data within Involv to get a clear view on how your business is doing, at any time. 

site analytics

Improve adoption by leveraging Site analytics.

Site analytics are crucial for evaluating user adoption on your intranet. See with content is most used and discover areas on your intranet that need some attention.

My activity shows the documents you’ve been working on.

Get access to the things you’re working on fast. My activity is your personal collection of links to relevant documents and contents, which is generated automatically from the Delve machine learning technology.

my activity
quick graph

Visualize any data in a Quick Graph.

Add a Quick Graph to your portal to visualize any data you like in seconds. If you’re working in the IT department for instance, youcould add a Quick Graph which displays the amount of open, new and resolved tickets.

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