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Involv integrates all the best-practice functionalities that successful companies use today. Explore the most important features of our Office 365 SharePoint intranet solution here and request your demo if you want to see them all in action. Need custom solutions? Our developers will be happy to assist you.

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Involv SharePoint intranet templates

Responsive Designs

Involv doesn’t look like the default SharePoint intranet but was designed to deliver a great user experience. The built-in designs are clean, intuitive and responsive. Choose the colors that match your branding and add your logo.

Involv event view

News and Events

Share your company-wide news and events on the homepage, or add specific news to the department sites





Involv faq

How do I

There’s a whole lot of knowledge within your organization. A FAQ or how do I section helps you put that knowledge to use and get new employees up-and-running in no time.



Involv who is who

Who is who

An intranet should help you get in touch with your colleagues. The who is who page helps you find people within different departments fast and easy. Click through to see the files you’re both working on.

Involv PowerBI integration


Involv integrates with your favourite Office 365 solutions like PowerBI, Teams, Forms, Flow.




Involv project management

Project Management

Keep track of your projects: display the project stages in a handy timeline and see which tasks are due.
My Projects are displayed on your homepage to access them without losing time clicking or searching for it.

Involv personalized content

Personalized information

Involv integrates machine learning through Microsoft Delve, to help you organise and discover your most relevant content like recent documents and colleague profiles.
Different parts of Involv like My Apps or My Projects will show you personalized information directly on the homepage.

Involv document management

Document management

Knowledge is worth more when shared. Involv document management helps you share your documents inside and outside your organization, easy, fast and secure.





Modern Communication Sites

Build your own pages with the modern communication sites within Involv.







languagesNew in Involv SharePoint intranet: Multilingual

Manage your content in multiple languages. Involv comes with multiple languages out-of-the box and is available for yours too. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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