How Involv meets specific business requirements like yours

Every organisation has different needs for an intranet. There might be a need to streamline internal communications, facilitate collaboration, optimize document management, speed up the onboarding process or many others. And no doubt many of these organisations have unique business processes. A very specific project management methodology, complex approval workflows or multilingual document management, to name only some.

You probably think there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all these organisations. And actually, neither did we during the first years we were involved in collaboration projects. It was only after having worked with a very diverse clientele that we noticed the basic needs were very similar.

It made us rethink our business offering and build a ready-to-go intranet solution which covered all those basic needs and which could be further customized if needed. We built Involv on the Office 365 and SharePoint ecosystem so we could leverage all the Office 365 apps that people already use and love today. This resulted in more value for our customers’ money and even got us awarded best value intranet 2019 worldwide by Clearbox’ annual SharePoint intranet-in-a-box report. This report also emphasizes that the basic needs for organizations worldwide to communicate and collaborate better are the same, as the core features of all the products that were reviewed are quite similar.

The benefits of a ready-to-go intranet outweigh those of a custom-made intranet for most organizations. Especially with a highly flexible and configurable solution like Involv. Let’s see how Involv meets your business requirements.

Meet different needs

Involv is built on the Office 365 and SharePoint ecosystem. You get access to all the powerful Office 365 features and intranet best-practices through one centralized digital workplace, meeting a variety of different needs across your organization. Some of the most common needs are:

  • Improve collaboration. Create team environments, work together on documents and share files in- and outside your organization.
  • Improve communication and employee engagement. Add news and events, share competences on the who is who page and embrace social features such as likes and comments.
  • Improve information and document search capabilitities. Use the powerful search engine and filter results.
  • Ensure employees receive important company information. Add news or add a prominent notificaction section to the intranet portal.
  • Enable secure access to company information from home and on the road. Your responsive intranet is accessible through your browser and mobile app.
  • Reduce time spent in email. Centralize communication within the intranet, making it easier to share knowledge and reducing the risk of duplicate and inconsistent information.

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Integrate with your other applications

Deliver an integrated experience across different systems. Besides the integrated Office 365 applications Involv lets you connect your other business applications. You can, for instance, connect your quality management solution, project management tool and CRM, whether or not through the available API.

Highly flexible and configurable

Involv provides all the building blocks to create the intranet that fits your needs. Drag and drop the features you need and apply your corporate branding. Make your content relevant to different audiences within your organisations by delivering targeted, personalised and multilingual content.

Your intranet will grow with you, as new tools and features emerge. New tools within the Office 365 suite and new features we build thanks to the great feedback from our customers can be integrated seamlessly.

Tweak if needed

Although a ready-to-go intranet like Involv covers most of the user needs, there still might be a need to tweak the standard functionality. You can safely build custom functionality on top of Involv. Our specialists can do the work for you, but you can also work with your preferred partner.

Some common customizations and tweaks involve:

  • Configuring the DMS
  • Adding workflows/digital processes
  • Creating specific components
  • Integration with legacy or SAAS tools
  • Integration with narrowcasting

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Tim Bogemans

Tim is Collaboration Expert at Involv/Cognit. He builds leading solutions to help people collaborate easier, faster and happier. Connect on LinkedIn.

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