Evaluating your potential intranet vendor? Ask them these 10 important questions

How do you evaluate a potential intranet vendor? What criteria do you rely on to select the right one? While assessing an intranet platform, it is easy to get wowed by the feature set. However, beyond the features, there are many important aspects you should include in your evaluation process of an intranet vendor. Having the answers to the questions below will help you choose the right intranet solution for your company.

1. Is the platform user-friendly and easy to use for non-tech people?

The ease of use should be the focus of an intranet design. Ask your vendor if their platform is easy to use by every employee, regardless their tech skill level, because this element is key to a great intranet adoption.

2. What integration possibilities are available with the platform? Can your platform integrate with other platforms?

A successful intranet is a one-stop platform for everything you need to get work done. So if you have SaaS tools such as salesforce, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc that you are relying on, you want to integrate them into your intranet. Make sure that your potential vendor focuses on that in their intranet strategy.

3. How long does it take to configure and launch an intranet?

Do we talk weeks or months? You will want to know in advance how much time is needed for the whole process of deploying a new intranet. Ask your potential vendor to lay out the intranet implementation process, step-by-step, so you know exactly what to expect.

4. What is included in your onboarding program?

By asking this question, you get an idea of what support, offsite training or materials are available to help you launch your intranet successfully.

5. Will there be any additional cost or recurring cost after the initial implementation?

Avoid getting caught off guard by any unforeseen costs that come with your intranet. Be sure that the vendor clearly defines the total cost so you can assess if the solution fits in your budget.


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6. How often do you release your new version?

The best intranets are constantly updated and getting better. So don’t forget to ask for the roadmap of the platform and how your intranet will be updated once being installed.

7. How do you secure the system?

Security is another key element in your intranet. You will want to know if your vendor has effective and trusted measures to protect all your company data and employee information.

8. Do you have a mobile app?

Modern intranets absolutely need mobile capabilities to maximize engagement of mobile workers. You’ll want to ask if an intranet app is available and what functions it has.

9. How are other organizations in your industry using the intranet?

This information will help you know if this vendor will be able to meet your specific needs or not. Ask for examples from real clients to get an idea of what their intranet strategy will be for your company.

10. How will you be able to measure intranet success?

The participant rate, user satisfaction, engagement rate, and others are important metrics to measure the success of your intranet. By asking your vendor this question, you know what type of measurable results you can track after implementing the platform.

A bonus question: Why should we choose you over other intranet vendors?

Choosing the best digital workplace in a sea of options is definitely a difficult task. Instead of doing it all by yourself, let your potential intranet vendor do the work for you by asking them this question. Let them explain why they are the right choice for you.

Take away:

There isn’t one perfect solution that suits every organization. What’s most important is to figure out what your intranet objectives and priorities are, and look for the solution that fits you best. Don’t get too influenced by trendy new features, but stay focused on what you need while evaluating an intranet vendor. By asking your potential vendors the questions above, you will have more data to make a right vendor choice.

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