Coronavirus: How to deliver effective employee communication throughout the pandemic

The World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a world pandemicIs your business prepared to handle such crisis? If not, then it’s time to take action to respond to this outbreak. Here are what you should include in your internal communication and how an Intranet like Involv can help your business productivity throughout the pandemic. 

Providing the right and trusted information 

A abundance of misinformation over the disease is being spread and it creates public anxiety 

Put facts over fears. Your employees need the right information over the coronavirus. 

Questions like: What is the coronavirus? How is it spread? To practical tips like What should I do to protect myself from the virus? Are face masks effective in protecting against COVID-19? etc. need to communicated through a centralized Intranet platform. 

To prepare for your communication relating to the coronavirus, you can refer to the FAQs page of the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control). These are other trusted links from credible sources over the coronavirus that is worth spreading. 

Besides the above information, it’s also important to share useful tips on keeping hygiene at the workplace.  

Delivering effective communication with the Involv intranet

Currently, when most organizations offer their employees a working from home policy, an effective way to communicate this information is surely through intranet news/updates. It ensures that all employees no matter where they are located are well informed of all the internal communication.  

With Involv intranet, your non-desk and frontline workers will never miss out on such information as they can update the news through the Involv mobile app.  

If you need to communicate specific news to a specific department/team/location, just add them as a target audience to your Involv news item. 

Equipping your employees with the right tools to work from home 

Responding to the coronavirus outbreak, many organizations offer a “working from home policy to their employeesHow to ensure your employee’s productivity when remotely working? Make sure that you equip them with the reliable and right tools and be clear te centralize those tools. 

With the Involv Application Bar all the employees can find their most used applications online on their homepage. 


Organizations around the world are taking significant steps to ensure the employees health and productivity throughout the pandemic time. 

Make sure that you have your internal communication in place as communication is key to how businesses deal with the outbreak

Hopefully, the above information will assist your internal communication strategy amid the coronavirus crisis.  

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Tim Bogemans

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