7 ways Involv Intranet can help you communicate and collaborate throughout the coronavirus crisis

Communication is the cornerstone of any organization’s success. In times of crisis, as we’re experiencing now with COVID-19, it’s even more important.
While the corporate communications department handles social media and public relations, it’s your job as an IC practitioner to communicate to one of your organization’s most important audiences: your employees.

People get confused, make assumtions and they get worried about how this crisis wil impact their jobs. They will come to you with a whole lot of questions that you will want to answer right away. In this article I want to show you 7 ways your Involv intranet can help you keep morale high and communication tight during the coronavirus crisis.

Plan your communication 

Employees will be expecting an update at specific times (for example beginning of the day). If they receive communication at specific times they can focus better on their core tasks during the day instead of checking their communication channels constantly.  

  • You can plan each Involv News Item thanks to the Scheduled start date and Scheduled end date”.  This way you can plan your communication for maximum impact. 
  • You can also plan your communication over longer periods of time thus minimizing your time investment and optimizing your content creation process. 

Measure your communication reach 

You will want to know if your news updates are even read. We’ve seen plenty of cases where internal communication thought they were doing a good job. But digging a bit deeper in the statistics, it came to light that their messages were not even reaching half of the workforce.

  • You can view the reach of each Involv News Item at the bottom of the page. If no response is required this will be enough. 
  • If a “sign off” or response is required you can use the Comments section at the bottom of the page or integrate a Microsoft Form at the bottom of the Involv News Item.
  • Admins wanting detailed read times and more can enable SharePoint auditing on a document or make use of a “read this document?” flow. 

Boost your communication 

Some of your employees might be hard to reach. Make sure they don’t miss important crisis information.

  • Every Involv News Item can be promoted through e-mail and push notification on the Involv Mobile App. The push notification is especially handy for first line workers and other people working on the road.  This way, Involv Intranet takes away the manual work needed to boost your communication. 

Centralize all COVID-19 related questions 

When a crisis like the coronavirus crisis occurs, a lot of people have the same questions. Make sure everyone finds the answers easily.

  • Gather all the employees’ questions by integrating a Microsoft Form in an Involv News Item.
    The communications team will receive updates when a question is added. The answer can be added to the FAQ in a matter of minutes.
    This will give the employees the ability and confidence that all their questions will be answered and will free up the HR department of hundreds of e-mails and calls. 

Create a FAQ quickly and easily 

Employees can consult an FAQ for all their questions. A centralized FAQ will improve the quality of the answers and give a feeling of confidence and certainty that the organization is taking their questions seriously. 

  • Save your HR department time by creating an Involv FAQ in a matter of minutes. Creating a rich FAQ is as easy as creating a Word Document! 

Be ready in case of a corona infection 

In case an employee gets infected with corona, you need to be able to act fast and inform the entire workforce immediately.

  • Thanks to the Involv incidents component you can report an incident in a matter of seconds. People will see the incident on the Intranet homepage as well as get a push notification on the Involv mobile app with the title of the incident.

Call us, we’re here to help you 

Our team is committed to help you communicate easily and efficiently in this moment of crisis. 

If you need support with any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Tim Bogemans

Tim is Collaboration Expert at Involv/Cognit. He builds leading solutions to help people collaborate easier, faster and happier. Connect on LinkedIn.

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